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A comparative study of three domain-integral evaluation techniques in the boundary-domain integral equation method for transient thermoelastic crack analysis in FGMs

A.V. Ekhlakov1,2, O.M. Khay1,3, Ch. Zhang1, X.W. Gao4, J. Sladek5, V. Sladek5

Department of Civil Engineering, University of Siegen, D-57068 Siegen, Germany.
Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, University of Applied Sciences, Kurt-SchumacherRing 18, D-65197 Wiesbaden, Germany.
Pidstryhach Institute for Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics NASU, 3b Naukova Str., 79060 Lviv, Ukraine.
Faculty of Vehicle Engineering and Mechanics, Dalian University of Technology, 116024 Dalian, PR China.
Institute of Construction and Architecture, Slovak Academy of Sciences, 84503 Bratislava, Slovakia.


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