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Research on the Generation Path of Heuristic Teaching Language Based on Positive Psychology Theory

Haiqiang Tu*
School of International Education, Wenzhou University, Wenzhou, 325000, China
* Corresponding Author: Haiqiang Tu. Email: tuhaiq123@163.com
(This article belongs to this Special Issue: Mental health and well-being in the educational context)

International Journal of Mental Health Promotion https://doi.org/10.32604/ijmhp.2023.026126

Received 17 August 2022; Accepted 21 December 2022; Published online 31 January 2023


As the essence of traditional Chinese educational thought, heuristic teaching has gradually enriched and developed its ideas through the continuous efforts of educational researchers of the past dynasties. In front-line teaching, heuristic teaching, as a teaching principle that can help teachers and students to interact and learn, undoubtedly plays an important role in students’ acquisition of knowledge and scientific thinking activities. But teachers’ understanding of heuristic teaching is not the same. In actual teaching, there are obvious gaps in language ability among different teachers. This research aims to enrich the heuristic teaching theory based on the perspective of psychology, and provide a certain theoretical basis for teacher training. Through the research and analysis of the generation path of the heuristic teaching language, this paper helps more teachers realize the advantages of the heuristic teaching language, improve their own heuristic teaching language level, and provide reference for the scientific teaching evaluation standard. We apply the heuristic instruction language approach proposed in this study and apply it to real classrooms. In the application, it can be clearly found that the students’ thinking and participation have been strengthened, and the teaching effect has been significantly improved compared with the past, which indicates that the heuristic teaching language generation path in this study has certain practical application value.


Heuristic language of instruction; positive psychology; biology class; application path
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