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International Journal of Mental Health Promotion

About the Journal

The International Journal of Mental Health Promotion (IJMHP) co-ordinates the dissemination of new research outcomes to all those involved in research, practice, and policymaking of mental health and mental health promotion, prevention and intervention program, together with mental disorder diagnosis and treatment. It was the first journal in the field and is essential reading for those with a personal or professional interest in this work.
Peer reviewed by an expert international board, the Journal is a comprehensive information resource which publishes material of distinction submitted by health services researchers, managers, health promotion professionals, educationalists, sociologists, health economists and practitioners, together with psychiatry and psychology researchers, clinical/medical staff from all branches of health and social care.

Indexing and Abstracting

IJMHP is designed to increase awareness, foster understanding and promote collaboration between the different disciplines engaged in this diverse area of practice. It is currently indexed in SSCI, scopus and Google Scholar, etc.

  • Emotional and Behavioral Problems of Left-Behind Children in Impoverished Rural China: A Comparative Cross-Sectional Study of First Grade Junior High School
  • Abstract Objective: To investigate the prevalence of emotional and behavioral problems and related factors of left-behind children in impoverished rural China (mainly in the first grade of junior high school). Methods: A cross-sectional survey of rural households in 27 poverty-stricken counties in 12 provinces across China was conducted using the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ). Results: The prevalence of emotional and behavioral problems in left-behind children was 11.7%, and that of non-left-behind children was 8.9%. There was statistical difference between the two groups (P < 0.01). There are no differences between the two groups in terms of the various factors of… More
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  • Mindfulness Associates Life Satisfaction: The Mediating Role of Internal Control and the Presence of Meaning in Life
  • Abstract This study explored the internal mechanism of the effect of mindfulness on life satisfaction from the perspective of logotherapy theory and achievement attribution theory. We recruited 1021 college students using a combination of random sampling and cluster sampling. They completed the relevant questionnaire. The results showed that, from the perspective of logotherapy theory, we find that the presence of meaning in life is an important intermediary between mindfulness and life satisfaction. From the perspective of achievement attribution theory, we found that internal control was an important intermediary between mindfulness and life satisfaction. In addition, we also found the chain mediating… More
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  • Formal Volunteering and Mental Health in South Korea: Does Age Matter?
  • Abstract Extensive research shows a positive association between formal volunteering and mental health and this association is stronger for older adults compared to their younger peers. The purpose of our study is to re-examine the link between formal volunteering, age, and mental health in a non-western society, South Korea. We employ two recent waves—years 2012-13 -- of nationally representative data from the Korea Welfare Panel Survey to test the extent to which the relationship between formal volunteering and mental health, as measured by depression, varies across two non-elderly age groups—young adults (18–35) and those middle-aged (36–55). Findings reveal that being a… More
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  • Voice More and Be Happier: How Employee Voice Influences Psychological Well-Being in the Workplace
  • Abstract The recently recognized core construct of employee voice has been demonstrated to be related to various outcomes. However, to date, the impact of employee voice over time and on important employee well-being has been rarely tested. In the present research, we studied in particular how employee voice behavior is related to psychological well-being. Employing the theory of self-determination, we developed three hypotheses pertinent to this relationship, including the mediating role of authentic self-expression and the moderating role of collectivist orientation. We tested our hypotheses using data from 217 employees in Mainland China over two time periods. As we hypothesized, we… More
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  • Self-Efficacy Triggers Psychological Appraisal Mechanism for Mindset Shift
  • Abstract This paper talks about how to insist staying in changed mindset based on the assigned cognitive reframing principles, and finally the changed mindset become a forever psychological status by PSI model proposed by this study. P is the cognitive reframing principle of positive psychology, happiness in this case; S is self-efficacy, which plays the important role in maintaining the stress taker to psychologically stay in the changed mindset in the long run. I represent of insisting power, the mental toughness to against the adverse negative emotions. Improving university students’ stress coping skills through the psychological dynamics formed by cognitive reframing… More
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  • Association of Physical Activity, Screen Time and Sleep with Depressive Symptoms in Adolescents
  • Abstract Little is known on the association between movement behaviors including physical activity (PA), screen time (ST) and sleep (SLP) with depression in adolescents. This study aimed to explore the associations of PA, ST and SLP with depressive symptoms in adolescents. A total of 1,331 middle school students participated in this survey and provided valid data pertaining to the study variables. Self-reported questionnaires were used to collect information on participants’ sociodemographic parameters. The Health Behavior in School-aged Children Questionnaire was used to assess the PA (days for moderate to vigorous PA), ST (daily hours of ST) and SLP (daily hours of… More
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  • Professional Ethical Concerns and Recommendations on Psychological Interventions during the COVID-19 Pandemic in China
  • Abstract When COVID-19 pandemic hit China, Chinese clinical psychologists, counselors and other practitioners reacted quickly to provide psychological interventions for different target groups. Different professional ethical concerns and potential transgressions arose during different stages of pandemic. This paper aimed to summarize different ethical concerns and transgressions during different stages of pandemic in China, as well as how the professional ethical workgroup in the registration system of clinical psychologists and professional organizations of Chinese Psychological Society (CPS) to publish a series of documents as recommendations on ethical practice. It is hoped by providing a picture of “problems vs. solutions” in terms of… More
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  • Loneliness in Older Chilean People: Importance of Family Dysfunction and Depression
  • Abstract Loneliness is considered a public health problem that negatively affects wellbeing, especially in the older population. In Latin-American countries, most of the older population live with their family. Although this is thought to diminish feelings of loneliness, there is scarce data to support this. The objective of this study is to determine the prevalence of loneliness and evaluate its association with objective social networks, family functioning and perception of social support, in a sample of older people from Santiago, Chile. A survey was conducted of a representative sample of community older people (60–97 years) from Santiago, Chile, using the UCLA… More
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  • Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence, Core Self-Evaluations, and Psychological Adaptation of Chinese Adolescents
  • Abstract This study aimed to investigate the link between the exposure to intimate partner violence (IPV), core self-evaluations (CSE), and psychological adaptation of Chinese adolescents, through analysis of the results from the Survey of Children’s Exposure to Domestic Violence Scale, Core Self-Evaluations Scale, and Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire, involving a total of 597 Chinese middle school students. It is indicated that the exposure to IPV is positively correlated with lower levels of psychological adaptation and CSE, and CSE is positively correlated with higher levels of psychological adaptation. Mediation analysis revealed that CSE partially mediated the association between the exposure to IPV… More
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  • Community Workers’ Social Support and Sleep Quality during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): A Moderated Mediation Model
  • Abstract To explore the relationship between social support and sleep quality of community workers in Wuhan during the coronavirus disease 2019 (the COVID-19 infection epidemic), this research constructed a mediating effect model to explore the mediating psychological mechanism of social support influencing sleep quality of front-line community workers. A total of 500 front-line community workers in Wuhan were investigated. We used the perceived social support scale (PSSS), the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC), the perceived stress scale (PSS), and the Pittsburgh sleep quality index (PSQI) to measure social support, psychological resilience, perceived stress and sleep quality. Specifically, the higher the PSQI, the… More
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