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Why Ignore the Dark Side of Social Media? A Role of Social Media in Spreading Corona-Phobia and Psychological Well-Being

Saqib Amin*

Department of Economics, National College of Business Administration and Economics, Lahore, 54660, Pakistan

* Corresponding Author: Saqib Amin. Email: email

International Journal of Mental Health Promotion 2020, 22(1), 29-38.


Coronaviruses are a category of associated viruses that trigger disease in mammals and birds. Human coronaviruses have been identified including severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus (SARS-CoV) in 2003, human coronavirus NL63 (HCoV NL63) in 2004, human coronavirus HKU1 (HKU1) in 2005, Middle East respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus (MERSCoV) in 2012, and severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) in December, 2019. This study aims to examine whether social media at residing/admittance in quarantine ward (due to corona virus pandemic disease) affects psychological health or not? We asked questions from 250 quarantined patients infected from coronavirus (restricted to quarantine ward) about their psychological health who have accessed of different channels of social media. This study concludes that social media has caused of various psychological symptoms in quarantined patients (due to coronavirus) in form of anxiety, depression, negative well-being, lack of self-control, general health and vitality. This study suggests that there is an urgency to provide awareness/right information to each infected individual and their family members to create peaceful society and social rest. Thus, productive use of social media is recommended while minimizing its negative impact.


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Amin, S. (2020). Why Ignore the Dark Side of Social Media? A Role of Social Media in Spreading Corona-Phobia and Psychological Well-Being. International Journal of Mental Health Promotion, 22(1), 29–38.


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