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Application Progress of Aromatherapy in Perioperative Patients

Yuezi Liao1,2,*, Xing Liu1,2, Mengqin Zhang1,2, Hao Hua3

1 Department of Gynecology Nursing, West China Second University Hospital, West China School of Nursing, Sichuan University, Chengdu, 610011, China
2 Key Laboratory of Birth Defects and Related Diseases of Women and Children (Sichuan University), Ministry of Education, Chengdu, 610011, China
3 SKEMA Business School, Lille, 59777, France

* Corresponding Author: Yuezi Liao. Email: email

Journal of Intelligent Medicine and Healthcare 2022, 1(1), 1-10.


Aromatherapy is a sort of natural therapy for body maintenance using essential oils and vegetable oils extracted from natural plants. It belongs to the category of homeopathy. Aromatherapy combines the dual functions of art and treatment, comprehensively considers the needs of human physiology and psychology, and is widely used in the field of medical care. Aromatherapy is one of the complementary and alternative treatments extensively studied at home and abroad. It has a relieving effect on postoperative pain, sleep disturbance, nausea, vomiting and preoperative anxiety, and is an important intervention in perioperative care. A large number of research data show that for a long time, the application of aromatherapy is an effective alternative and auxiliary medical means, which can improve people’s comfort and solve many health problems. There are a lot of controversies about the possible risks and safety of aromatherapy, but in general, compared with traditional drugs for the treatment of same diseases, aromatherapy is safe and has few records of serious side effects. This review intends to provide an overview of aromatherapy and its application status in the perioperative period, in order to provide a reference for improving the comfort and quality of life of patients in the perioperative period.


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Liao, Y., Liu, X., Zhang, M., Hua, H. (2022). Application progress of aromatherapy in perioperative patients. Journal of Intelligent Medicine and Healthcare, 1(1), 1-10.
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Liao Y, Liu X, Zhang M, Hua H. Application progress of aromatherapy in perioperative patients. J Intell Medicine Healthcare . 2022;1(1):1-10
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Y. Liao, X. Liu, M. Zhang, and H. Hua "Application Progress of Aromatherapy in Perioperative Patients," J. Intell. Medicine Healthcare , vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 1-10. 2022.

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