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Innovation and rapid technological development in intelligent medicine and healthcare impacts profoundly on many aspects of people’s life. It is believed that developing advanced intelligent algorithms and systems has the potential to save medical resources, reduce administrative costs and burdens, improve integration between medical worker and care providers, reduce medical errors, and improve medical and healthcare quality and patient outcomes. Along with the world’s population growing and aging, challenges in medicine and healthcare on a global scale are very apparent. The vision of Journal of Intelligent Medicine and Healthcare is to attack these apparent challenges through the design of algorithms, mathematical methods, systems, devices, and policies for medicine and healthcare in an intelligent way.

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Starting from July 2023, Journal of Intelligent Medicine and Healthcare will transition to a continuous publication model, accepted articles will be promptly published online upon completion of the peer review and production processes.

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    A Work Review on Clinical Laboratory Data Utilizing Machine Learning Use-Case Methodology

    Journal of Intelligent Medicine and Healthcare, Vol.2, pp. 1-14, 2024, DOI:10.32604/jimh.2023.046995
    Abstract More than 140 autoimmune diseases have distinct autoantibodies and symptoms, and it makes it challenging to construct an appropriate model using Machine Learning (ML) for autoimmune disease. Arthritis-related autoimmunity requires special attention. Although many conventional biomarkers for arthritis have been established, more biomarkers of arthritis autoimmune diseases remain to be identified. This review focuses on the research conducted using data obtained from clinical laboratory testing of real-time arthritis patients. The collected data is labelled the Arthritis Profile Data (APD) dataset. The APD dataset is the retrospective data with many missing values. We undertook a comprehensive APD dataset study comprising four… More >

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    Securing Mobile Cloud-Based Electronic Health Records: A Blockchain-Powered Cryptographic Solution with Enhanced Privacy and Efficiency

    Journal of Intelligent Medicine and Healthcare, Vol.2, pp. 15-34, 2024, DOI:10.32604/jimh.2024.048784
    Abstract The convergence of handheld devices and cloud-based computing has transformed how Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are stored in mobile cloud paradigms, offering benefits such as affordability, adaptability, and portability. However, it also introduces challenges regarding network security and data confidentiality, as it aims to exchange EHRs among mobile users while maintaining high levels of security. This study proposes an innovative blockchain-based solution to these issues and presents secure cloud storage for healthcare data. To provide enhanced cryptography, the proposed method combines an enhanced Blowfish encryption method with a new key generation technique called Elephant Herding Optimization with Resistance-Based Training (EHO-RBT).… More >

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