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Overview of Digital Image Restoration

Wei Chen1, 2, Tingzhu Sun1, 2, Fangming Bi1, 2, *, Tongfeng Sun1, 2, Chaogang Tang1, 2, Biruk Assefa1, 3

College of Computer Science and Technology, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou, 221116, China.
Mine Digitization Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou, 221116, China.
Infromation Communication Technology Department, Wollo University, Dessie Ethiopia, P.o Box 1145, Ethiopia.

*Corresponding Author: Fangming Bi. Email: email.

Journal of New Media 2019, 1(1), 35-44.


Image restoration is an image processing technology with great practical value in the field of computer vision. It is a computer technology that estimates the image information of the damaged area according to the residual image information of the damaged image and carries out automatic repair. This article firstly classify and summarize image restoration algorithms, and describe recent advances in the research respectively from three aspects including image restoration based on partial differential equation, based on the texture of image restoration and based on deep learning, then make the brief analysis of digital image restoration of subjective and objective evaluation method, and briefly summarize application of digital image restoration technique in the future and prospects, provide direction for the research on image after repair.


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Chen, W., Sun, T., Bi, F., Sun, T., Tang, C. et al. (2019). Overview of digital image restoration. Journal of New Media, 1(1), 35-44.
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Chen W, Sun T, Bi F, Sun T, Tang C, BA. Overview of digital image restoration. J New Media . 2019;1(1):35-44
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W. Chen, T. Sun, F. Bi, T. Sun, C. Tang, and B.A. "Overview of Digital Image Restoration," J. New Media , vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 35-44. 2019.


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