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Fracture Characterization of High-Density Polyethylene Materials Using the Energetic Criterias

M.N.D. Cherief1, M. Elmeguenni1, M. Benguediab1

1 University Djilali Liabès, of Sidi Bel Abèss, Algeria

Computers, Materials & Continua 2016, 51(3), 187-201.


Impact behavior of polymers has received considerable attention in recent years, and much work based on fracture mechanic approaches has been carried out. In this paper, fracture behavior in large deformation of a high density polyethylene (HDPE) materials was investigated through experimental impact testing on single edge notched specimen (SENB) and by using theoretical and analytical fracture criteria concepts. Moreover, a review of the main fracture criteria is given in order to characterize the toughness of this polymer in the both cases (static and dynamic). The fractured specimens obtained from the Charpy impact test were characterized with respect to their fracture surfaces. Characteristic zones of the fracture surface can be assigned to different stages and mechanisms of the fracture process. Finally, for a better understanding of fracture and damage mechanisms and to provide the best estimation of fracture toughness in impact, an experimental approach based on microscopic observations (SEM) was used.


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M. Cherief, M. Elmeguenni and M. Benguediab, "Fracture characterization of high-density polyethylene materials using the energetic criterias," Computers, Materials & Continua, vol. 51, no.3, pp. 187–201, 2016.

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