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An Energy-Efficient Protocol Using an Objective Function & Random Search with Jumps for WSN

Mohammed Kaddi1,3,*, Khelifa Benahmed2, Mohammed Omari3

Faculty of Technology, University Tahri Mohammed, Bechar, 08000, Algeria.
Faculty of Exact Sciences, University Tahri Mohammed, Bechar, 08000, Algeria.
LDDI Laboratory, Math and CS Department, University of Adrar, Adrar, 01000, Algeria.

* Corresponding Author: Mohammed Kaddi. Email: .

Computers, Materials & Continua 2019, 58(3), 603-624.


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have hardware and software limitations and are deployed in hostile environments. The problem of energy consumption in WSNs has become a very important axis of research. To obtain good performance in terms of the network lifetime, several routing protocols have been proposed in the literature. Hierarchical routing is considered to be the most favorable approach in terms of energy efficiency. It is based on the concept parent-child hierarchy where the child nodes forward their messages to their parent, and then the parent node forwards them, directly or via other parent nodes, to the base station (sink). In this paper, we present a new Energy-Efficient clustering protocol for WSNs using an Objective Function and Random Search with Jumps (EEOFRSJ) in order to reduce sensor energy consumption. First, the objective function is used to find an optimal cluster formation taking into account the ratio of the mean Euclidean distance of the nodes to their associated cluster heads (CH) and their residual energy. Then, we find the best path to transmit data from the CHs nodes to the base station (BS) using a random search with jumps. We simulated our proposed approach compared with the Energy-Efficient in WSNs using Fuzzy C-Means clustering (EEFCM) protocol using Matlab Simulink. Simulation results have shown that our proposed protocol excels regarding energy consumption, resulting in network lifetime extension.


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M. Kaddi, K. Benahmed and M. Omari, "An energy-efficient protocol using an objective function & random search with jumps for wsn," Computers, Materials & Continua, vol. 58, no.3, pp. 603–624, 2019.


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