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Intelligent Approach for Traffic Orchestration in SDVN Based on CMPR

Thamer Alhussain1, Ahmad Ali AlZubi2,*, Abdulaziz Alarifi2

1 Department of E-Commerce, College of Administrative and Financial Sciences, Saudi Electronic University, Saudi Arabia
2 Department of Computer Science, Community College, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

* Corresponding Author: Ahmad Ali AlZubi. Email:

Computers, Materials & Continua 2021, 67(3), 3749-3763.


The vehicle ad hoc network that has emerged in recent years was originally a branch of the mobile ad hoc network. With the drafting and gradual establishment of standards such as IEEE802.11p and IEEE1609, the vehicle ad hoc network has gradually become independent of the mobile ad hoc network. The Internet of Vehicles (Vehicular Ad Hoc Network, VANET) is a vehicle-mounted network that comprises vehicles and roadside basic units. This multi-hop hybrid wireless network is based on a vehicle-mounted self-organizing network. As compared to other wireless networks, such as mobile ad hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, wireless mesh networks, etc., the Internet of Vehicles offers benefits such as a large network scale, limited network topology, and predictability of node movement. The paper elaborates on the Traffic Orchestration (TO) problems in the Software-Defined Vehicular Networks (SDVN). A succinct examination of the Software-defined networks (SDN) is provided along with the growing relevance of TO in SDVN. Considering the technology features of SDN, a modified TO method is proposed, which makes it possible to reduce time complexity in terms of a group of path creation while simultaneously reducing the time needed for path reconfiguration. A criterion for path choosing is proposed and justified, which makes it possible to optimize the load of transport network channels. Summing up, this paper justifies using multipath routing for TO.


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T. Alhussain, A. Ali AlZubi and A. Alarifi, "Intelligent approach for traffic orchestration in sdvn based on cmpr," Computers, Materials & Continua, vol. 67, no.3, pp. 3749–3763, 2021.

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