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An Efficient Proxy Blind Signcryption Scheme for IoT

Aamer Khan1, Insaf Ullah2,*, Fahad Algarni3, Muhammad Naeem1, M. Irfan Uddin4, Muhammad Asghar Khan2
1 Department of Information Technology, Abbottabad University of Science and Technology, Abbotabad, Pakistan
2 Hamdard Institute of Engineering and Technology, Islamabad, 44000, Pakistan
3 College of Computing and Information Technology, University of Bisha, Bisha, Saudi Arabia
4 Institute of Computing, Kohat University of Science and Technology, Kohat, Pakistan
* Corresponding Author: Insaf Ullah. Email:
(This article belongs to this Special Issue: Deep Learning and Parallel Computing for Intelligent and Efficient IoT)

Computers, Materials & Continua 2022, 70(3), 4293-4306.

Received 27 January 2021; Accepted 17 April 2021; Issue published 11 October 2021


Recent years have witnessed growing scientific research interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, which supports the development of a variety of applications such as health care, Industry 4.0, agriculture, ecological data management, and other various domains. IoT utilizes the Internet as a prime medium of communication for both single documents as well as multi-digital messages. However, due to the wide-open nature of the Internet, it is important to ensure the anonymity, untraceably, confidentiality, and unforgeability of communication with efficient computational complexity and low bandwidth. We designed a light weight and secure proxy blind signcryption for multi-digital messages based on a hyperelliptic curve (HEC). Our results outperform the available schemes in terms of computational cost and communication bandwidth. The designed scheme also has the desired authentication, unforgeability of warrants and/or plaintext, confidentiality, integrity, and blindness, respectively. Further, our scheme is more suitable for devices with low computation power such as mobiles and tablets.


Proxy signcryption; multi-digital-documents proxy blind signcryption; hyperelliptic curve; IoT

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A. Khan, I. Ullah, F. Algarni, M. Naeem, M. Irfan Uddin et al., "An efficient proxy blind signcryption scheme for iot," Computers, Materials & Continua, vol. 70, no.3, pp. 4293–4306, 2022.


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