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    The 6th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Security (ICAIS 2020)TOP

    July 17-20, 2020Hohhot, China

    About: The 6th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Security (ICAIS 2020), will be held in Hohhot, China, in July 17-20, 2020. Over the past five years, ICAIS has become a leading conference on artificial intelligence and security, garnering comprehensive coverage in July 2019 by Reuters and in June 2018 by CCTV 4 China News. ICAIS is a highly selective and premier international forum on computer science and engineering research. In addition to the main sessions, the conference will include workshops, panels, demonstrations, and exhibits. The organizing committee is excited to invite you to take part in ICAIS 2020, to discuss issues at the technological frontier of society today as well as interdisciplinary technological trends.


    1. Artificial Intelligence

    • Machine Learning

    • Natural Language Processing

    • Computer Vision

    • Data Mining

    • Artificial Neural Networks

    • Affective Computing

    • Multiagent Systems

    • Planning

    • Knowledge Representation

    • Reasoning

    • Robotics and Reception

    • Big Data Applications

    • Artificial Intelligence Applications in Science, Engineering, Healthcare and Medicine

    2. Big Data

    • Techniques, Models and Algorithms for Big Data

    • Tools and Systems for Big Data

    • Big Data Analytics and Social Media

    • Hardware/Software Infrastructure for Big Data

    • Mobile Communications and Networks

    • Security and Privacy for Big Data

    • Copyright Protection for Big Data

    • Data Compression

    • Machine Learning and AI for Big Data

    • Big Data Persistence and Preservation

    • Big Data Quality and Provenance Control

    • Big Data Storage and Retrieval

    3. Cloud Computing and Security

    • Cloud Computing Architecture and Systems

    • Cloud Computing Models, Simulations, Designs, and Paradigms

    • Cloud Management and Operations

    • Dynamic Resource Provision and Consuming

    • Cloud Computing Technologies, Services and Applications

    • Security Evaluation and Benchmarks Based on Cloud

    • Authentication, Authorization and Reliability Issues in Cloud

    • Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing

    4. Information Hiding

    • Coverless Information Hiding

    • Steganography and Steganalysis

    • Digital Watermarking, Fingerprinting and Forensics

    • Multimedia Authentication and Encryption

    • Covert/Subliminal Channels 

    5. IoT Security

    • Data Security and Privacy in the IoT

    • Attacks and Countermeasures on IoT Systems

    • Trust Model, Data Aggregation and Information Sharing

    • Secure Hardware and Software for IoT

    • Application Security for IoT 

    6. Multimedia Forensics

    • Active and Passive Forensics

    • Big Data Forensics

    • Portable electronic device forensics

    • Network Forensics

    • Anti-forensics 

    7. Encryption and Cybersecurity

    • Measurements for Cybersecurity

    • Post Quantum Cybersecurity

    • Visualization for Security

    • Applied Cryptography

    • Language-based Security

    Manuscripts should present the current research in areas identified in the call for papers. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by experts in the field and will be judged on problem significance, contributions, originality, correctness, technical strength, quality of presentation, relevance, and value to conference attendees.

    Outstanding papers will be invited for possible publication in SCI-indexed journals.

    All accepted papers will be published in LNCS and other journals.


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    Tel: +86 (0)25 58267096