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    International Conference on Big Data and Security (ICBDS 2019)TOP

    December 20-22, 2019Nanjing, China

    About: Big Data systems are complex and heterogeneous, Due to its extraordinary scale and the integration of different technologies, new security and privacy issues are introduced and must be properly addressed. The ongoing digitalization of the business world is putting companies and users at risk of cyberattacks more than ever before. Big data analysis has the potential to offer protection against these attacks. The International Conference on Big Data and Security (ICBDS 2019) brings experts and researchers together all over the world for discussing the current status and potential ways to address security and privacy regarding the use of Big Data systems. Participation in workshops on specific topics on which the conference is expected to achieve progress, global networking in transferring and exchanging ideas, Share your excitement in promoting new ideas, developments and innovations.


    • Big Data

    • Security in Blockchain

    • IoT Security

    • Security in Cloud and Fog Computing

    • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Security

    • Cybersecurity & Privacy

    Contact: http://2019.icbds.org/