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    The 11th International Conference on Weather Radar and Hydrology (WRaH 2020)TOP

    April 11-14, 2021Nanjing, China

    About: With widespread flash flooding continuing around the world and with numerous active research projects on accurate weather prediction using radar and numerical weather prediction (NWP) models, lots of challenges are still remaining to realize the full potential of weather radar and knowledge gaps are needed to fill between academia and the practitioners. In addition, after decades of research and development, phased array radar (PAR) has matured and high-resolution polarimetric radar data are now available nationally and globally. There is high expectation that the rich information provided by PAR has great potential to improve the observation, quantification and forecasting of weather.


    • Data quality control

    • Radar precipitation estimation

    • Multi-sensor precipitation estimation

    • Radar-based precipitation nowcasting and short-term forecasting

    • Uncertainty analysis and modeling in radar-based precipitation estimation and forecasting

    • Meteorological and hydrological opportunities presented by using Phased Array Radars

    • Radar-based hydrologic modeling and forecasting

    • Weather radar applications in urban areas

    • Radar-based precipitation reanalysis

    • Hydro climatological and climate change studies using radar-based precipitation data

    • Hydro meteorological and hydrologic design studies using radar-based precipitation data

    • Assimilation of weather radar data into NWP, hydrologic and hydraulic models

    • Ensemble and probabilistic approaches in hydrologic applications of weather radar

    • New and emerging technologies and techniques for radar sensing of precipitation

    • Weather radar applications for new and emerging water management problems – Panel discussion

    • New and emerging research needs in hydrologic applications of weather radar – Panel discussion

    Contributions that span these while addressing the overall conference theme are most welcome.

    Contributed papers will be accepted on the basis on an abstract (300-500 words) which should be submitted by 30 November 2019. 

    Submissions must contain the title, contact author e-mail address, author names, and author affiliations in the covering e-mail. Authors will be notified of acceptance by 31 December 2019.

    Final papers (camera-ready) are required by 28 February 2020 for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings. Further information on the format of the final paper will be forwarded once authors have been notified of the acceptance of their abstract.


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