Vol.41, No.3, 2022, pp.1057-1070, doi:10.32604/csse.2022.021052
Cost Effective Decentralized Key Management Framework for IoT
  • Raja Lavanya*, K. Sundarakantham, S. Mercy Shalinie
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Tamil Nadu, India
* Corresponding Author: Raja Lavanya. Email:
Received 21 June 2021; Accepted 04 August 2021; Issue published 10 November 2021
Security is a primary concern in communication for reliable transfer of information between the authenticated members, which becomes more complex in a network of Internet of Things (IoT). To provide security for group communication a key management scheme incorporating Bilinear pairing technique with Multicast and Unicast key management protocol (BMU-IOT) for decentralized networks has been proposed. The first part of the proposed work is to divide the network into clusters where sensors are connected to and is administered by cluster head. Each sensor securely shares its secret keys with the cluster head using unicast. Based on these decryption keys, the cluster head generates a common encryption key using bilinear pairing. Any sensor in the subgroup can decrypt the message, which is encrypted by the common encryption key. The remaining part focuses to reduce communication, computation and storage costs of the proposed framework and the resilience against various attacks. The implementation is carried out and results are compared with the existing schemes that have given considerably better results. Thus, the lightweight devices of IoT can provide efficiency and security by reducing their overhead in terms of complexity.
Bilinear pairing; common encryption key; key distribution
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Lavanya, R., Sundarakantham, K., Shalinie, S. M. (2022). Cost Effective Decentralized Key Management Framework for IoT. Computer Systems Science and Engineering, 41(3), 1057–1070.
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