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An Investigation of Battery Energy Storage Aided Wind-Coal Integrated Energy System

Enhui Sun1,2, Jiahao Shi1,2, Lei Zhang1,2,*, Hongfu Ji1,2, Qian Zhang1,2, Yongyi Li1,2

1 Department of Power Engineering, North China Electric Power University, Baoding, 071003, China
2 Hebei Key Laboratory of Low Carbon and High Efficiency Power Generation Technology, Baoding, 071003, China

* Corresponding Author: Lei Zhang. Email: email

Energy Engineering 2023, 120(7), 1583-1602.


This paper studies the feasibility of a supply-side wind-coal integrated energy system. Based on grid-side data, the load regulation model of coal-fired power and the wind-coal integrated energy system model are established. According to the simulation results, the reasons why the wind-coal combined power supply is difficult to meet the grid-side demand are revealed through scenario analysis. Based on the wind-coal combined operation, a wind-coal-storage integrated energy system was proposed by adding lithium-iron phosphate battery energy storage system (LIPBESS) to adjust the load of the system. According to the four load adjustment scenarios of grid-side instructions of the wind-coal system, the difficulty of load adjustment in each scenario is analyzed. Based on the priority degree of LIPBESS charge/discharge in four scenarios at different time periods, the operation mode of two charges and two discharges per day was developed. Based on the independent operation level of coal-fired power, after the addition of LIPBESS (5.5 MWh), the average qualified rate of multi-power operation in March and June reached the level of independent operation of coal-fired power, while the average qualified rate of the remaining months was only 5.4% different from that of independent operation of coal-fired power. Compared with the wind storage mode, the energy storage capacity and investment cost of wind-coal-storage integrated energy system are reduced by 54.2% and 53.7%, respectively.


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Sun, E., Shi, J., Zhang, L., Ji, H., Zhang, Q. et al. (2023). An Investigation of Battery Energy Storage Aided Wind-Coal Integrated Energy System. Energy Engineering, 120(7), 1583–1602.

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