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Energy Engineering

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Energy Engineering is a bi-monthly peer-reviewed publication. The journal invites researchers, engineers, scientists, technologists, planners, and policy makers to present their original research results and findings on all important energy topics.

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  • Industrial and Small-Scale Biomass Dryers: An Overview
  • Abstract The quality of the drying process depends mainly on the efficient use of thermal energy. Sustainable systems based on solar energy takes a leading role in the drying of agro-products because of low operating cost. However, they are limited in use during off–sun periods. Biomass dryer is one of the simplest ways of drying because of its potential to dry products regardless of time and climate conditions. The other benefit is that crop residues could be used as fuel in these systems. However, the major limitation of the dryer is unequal drying because of poor airflow distribution in the drying… More
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  • Energy and Cost Analysis of Processing Flat Plate Solar Collectors
  • Abstract In this work, a life cycle analysis is accomplished for flat plate solar collectors. The purpose of this investigation is to predict the energy consumption during the manufacturing processes that results in carbon dioxide emissions. Energy consumption and system efficiency enhancement will be studied and predicted. CES EduPack software is used to perform the analysis of the currently commercial system, and the suggested changes are implemented to increase the efficiency and make the comparison. Even though cost analysis is done, the priority of selection is given to the most energy conserving and environmentally friendly alternative. However, if the compared alternatives… More
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  • Transient Free Convection and Heat Transfer in a Partitioned Attic-Shaped Space under Diurnal Thermal Forcing
  • Abstract One primordial consideration in residential ventilation standards is the comfort of provided to people living in those habitations. This is highly dependent on the thermal and fluid flow conditions, the space geometry and so on. Efficient designs may reduce the energy usage, making the buildings more sustainable over a longer period of time. This study aims to investigate the impact of whole day thermal conditions on the fluid flow structure and heat transfer phenomena, mainly natural convection, inside a partitioned attic-shaped configuration. The Finite Volume Method is applied to solve the governing equations. Sinusoidal thermal boundary condition is applied on… More
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  • Performance Characteristics of Geothermal Single Well for Building Heating
  • Abstract The single well geothermal heating (SWGH) technology has attracted extensive attention. To enhance heat extraction from SWGH, a mathematical model describing heat transfer is set up, and the key influence factor and heat transfer enhancement method are discussed by thermal resistance analysis. The numerical results show that the thermal resistance of rock is far greater than that of well wall and fluid. So, reducing rock thermal resistance is the most effective method for enhancing the heat extraction power. For geothermal well planning to drill: rock thermal resistance can be reduced by increasing well diameter and rock thermal conductivity; the temperature… More
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  • Research on Operation of Electrothermal Integrated Energy System Including Heat Pump and Thermal Storage Units Based on Capacity Planning
  • Abstract In view of the Three North areas existing wind power absorption and environment pollution problems, the previous scholars have improved the wind abandon problem by adding electrothermal coupling equipment or optimizing power grid operation. In this paper, an electrothermal integrated energy system including heat pump and thermal storage units was proposed. The scheduling model was based on the load data and the output characteristics of power units, each power unit capacity was programmed without constraints, and the proposed scheduling model was compared with the traditional combined heat and power scheduling model. Results showed that the investment and pollutant discharge of… More
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  • Power Data Preprocessing Method of Mountain Wind Farm Based on POT-DBSCAN
  • Abstract Due to the frequent changes of wind speed and wind direction, the accuracy of wind turbine (WT) power prediction using traditional data preprocessing method is low. This paper proposes a data preprocessing method which combines POT with DBSCAN (POT-DBSCAN) to improve the prediction efficiency of wind power prediction model. Firstly, according to the data of WT in the normal operation condition, the power prediction model of WT is established based on the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Arithmetic which is combined with the BP Neural Network (PSO-BP). Secondly, the wind-power data obtained from the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system… More
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  • Probabilistic Load Flow Calculation of Power System Integrated with Wind Farm Based on Kriging Model
  • Abstract Because of the randomness and uncertainty, integration of large-scale wind farms in a power system will exert significant influences on the distribution of power flow. This paper uses polynomial normal transformation method to deal with non-normal random variable correlation, and solves probabilistic load flow based on Kriging method. This method is a kind of smallest unbiased variance estimation method which estimates unknown information via employing a point within the confidence scope of weighted linear combination. Compared with traditional approaches which need a greater number of calculation times, long simulation time, and large memory space, Kriging method can rapidly estimate node… More
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  • Optimization of Combustion Characteristics and Fuel Injection Timing of a New Type Dual-Pit Combustor Rotary Engine
  • Abstract In order to improve the performance of the rotary engine, this paper has designed a new type of dual-pit rotary engine combustion chamber structure, and compares the combustion and emission characteristics with the rotary engine with a traditional combustion chamber. The existence of the dual-pit combustion chamber strengthens the overall vortex intensity in the cylinder, effectively promotes the mixing process of fuel and air in the cylinder, the maximum combustion pressure in the cylinder increased by 8.6%, significantly increases the diffusion combustion speed, and significantly improves the dynamic performance of the rotary engine. On this basis, the effects of fuel… More
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  • Research on Reliability of Desorption Indexes of Drilling Cuttings (K1 and ∆h2): A Case-Based on Pingdingshan Mining Region, China
  • Abstract To accurately predict the risk of coal and gas outburst and evaluate the reliability of desorption indexes of drilling cuttings (K1 and ∆h2) in No. 16 coal seam of Pingmei No. 12 coal mine, two sets of coal samples were selected from the target coal seams for proximate analyses, methane adsorption/desorption tests, and desorption indexes of drilling cuttings tests. The results indicated that the desorption volume in the initial stage of desorption is large, and increases slowly in the later stage. The methane desorption volume of PMD1 and PMD2 coal samples accounts for 15.14%–18.09% and 15.72%–18.17% respectively in the first… More
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  • Simulation of Electric Field Distribution along Insulator Surface in Polluted Environments
  • Abstract In recent years, more than 50% of the cities in the inland area of our country have suffered from moderate pollution. It can affect the distribution of electric field along the surface of insulator and the pollution characteristics of its surface area, even endanger the safe operation of transmission lines. This paper takes the XSP-160 porcelain three umbrella insulator under the action of 0–±30 kV DC voltage as the research object, and establishes the physical model of the insulator; uses COMSOL software to simulate the electric field of the insulator. The comparison with the results of the wind tunnel test… More
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  • Research on 48 V Super Capacitor Micro Hybrid System with 12 V Power Supply Multiplexing Function
  • Abstract 48 V lithium battery micro hybrid system is the most fuel economy vehicle which can be mass produced at present. However, with the irreversible internal resistance increase of the key component 48 V lithium battery, and the capacity continues to decline, the system performance deteriorate. Worst case could be the system not functional in the middle and later age of vehicle life cycle. This paper studies the feasibility of using 48 V super capacitor as the replacement to 48 V lithium battery, and uses a 12 V module of 48 V super capacitor as the traditional 12 V power supply,… More
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  • The Non-Linear Effect of China’s Energy Consumption on Eco-Environment Pollution
  • Abstract With the increase of total energy consumption, eco-environmental quality drops sharply, which has attracted concerns from all circles. It has become the top priority of construction of socialist ecological civilization to clarify the influences of energy consumption on the level of eco-environmental pollution. Ecological environmental pollution control cannot be one size fits all. It can avoid resource depletion and environmental deterioration via adjusting measures to local conditions to coordinate ecological environmental pollution and energy consumption problems. In this essay, entropy method is adopted to measure the composite indexes of eco-environmental pollution of 30 provinces and cities in China, based on… More
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  • Design and Analysis of a Small Sewage Source Heat Pump Triple Supply System
  • Abstract Based on the characteristics of sewage from beauty salons, a simulation model of a small sewage source heat pump triple supply system that can be applied to such places is established to optimize the operating conditions of the system. The results show that with the increase of sewage temperature and flow, the performance of the system also increases. In summer conditions, the system provides cooling, recovers waste heat and condensed heat from sewage, with a COP value of 8.97; in winter conditions, the system heats and produces hot water, with a COP value of 2.44; in transitional seasons, only hot… More
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  • Prediction Model for Gas Outburst Intensity of Coal Mining Face Based on Improved PSO and LSSVM
  • Abstract For the problems of nonlinearity, uncertainty and low prediction accuracy in the gas outburst prediction of coal mining face, the least squares support vector machine (LSSVM) is proposed to establish the prediction model. Firstly, considering the inertia coefficients as global parameters lacks the ability to improve the solution for the traditional particle swarm optimization (PSO), an improved PSO (IPSO) algorithm is introduced to adjust different inertia weights in updating the particle swarm and solve the fitness to stagnate. Secondly, the penalty factor and kernel function parameter of LSSVM are searched automatically, and the regression accuracy and generalization performance is enhanced… More
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  • Cloud Based Monitoring and Diagnosis of Gas Turbine Generator Based on Unsupervised Learning
  • Abstract The large number of gas turbines in large power companies is difficult to manage. A large amount of the data from the generating units is not mined and utilized for fault analysis. This study focuses on F-class (9F.05) gas turbine generators and uses unsupervised learning and cloud computing technologies to analyse the faults for the gas turbines. Remote monitoring of the operational status are conducted. The study proposes a cloud computing service architecture for large gas turbine objects, which uses unsupervised learning models to monitor the operational state of the gas turbine. Faults such as chamber seal failure, load abnormality… More
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  • Optimum Calculation of Coal Pillars in Inclined Weathered Oxidation Zone
  • Abstract In the mining process of coal mine, waterproof coal pillars should be set between the weathered oxidation zone and the first mining face. In order to determine the reasonable upper limit of the first mining face of Hongyi Coal Mine, the waterproof coal pillar needs to be wide enough to resist the lateral hydrostatic pressure of the oxidation zone, and to ensure that the top plate aquifer does not run through the water guide crack zone, while also liberating as much stagnant coal as possible. In this paper, the first coal mine face’s waterproof coal pillar was calculated using conventional… More
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  • Evaluation of Environmental Quality for Abandoned Coal Mine Based on Environmental Vulnerability Index
  • Abstract With the increasingly prominent environmental problems of abandoned coal mines, this paper discussed the significance of environmental vulnerability assessment of abandoned coal mines. Environmental vulnerability assessment is essentially an assessment of environmental quality. At present, the research object of environmental impact assessment method and program of mine is mostly single factor. However, the impact of abandoned coal mine on the environment is multifaceted, which was summarized into nine prominent common problems. Based on these nine factors, the environmental vulnerability assessment model of abandoned coal mine based on multifactor evaluation was established by using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method, the… More
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