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Energy Engineering is a bi-monthly peer-reviewed publication. The journal invites researchers, engineers, scientists, technologists, planners, and policy makers to present their original research results and findings on all important energy topics.

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Previously published by Taylor&Francis Group (, Energy Engineering starts to be published by Tech Science Press from 2020 and supports Open Access Policy.
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  • Wind Farm-Battery Energy Storage Assessment in Grid-Connected Microgrids
  • Abstract Renewable energy has received much attention in the last few decades and more investment is being attracted across the world to boost its contribution towards the existing energy mix. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), many studies have been conducted on the potential of renewable energy sources (RES), such as wind, solar, and geothermal. Many of these studies have revealed that the Kingdom is blessed with an abundance of RES with wind energy being the best after solar. This paper presents an analysis of windfarm distributed generation (WFDG) for energy management strategy in the Eastern Province of KSA. The… More
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  • Improved Thermal Efficiency of Salinity Gradient Solar Pond by Suppressing Surface Evaporation Using an Air Layer
  • Abstract Salinity gradient solar ponds (SGSPs) provide a tremendous way to collect and store solar radiation as thermal energy, and can help meet the critical need for sustainable ways of producing fresh water. However, surface evaporation results in the loss of both water and heat. This study therefore theoretically investigates the effect on temperatures within an SGSP when its surface is covered with a layer of air encased in a nylon bag. An earlier SGSP model was slightly modified to add the air layer and to estimate the temperature distributions of the upper layer or the upper convective zone (UCZ) and… More
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  • Energy Retrofitting of School Buildings in UAE
  • Abstract The opportunities for energy savings by retrofitting of the existing school buildings in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are significant because of their excessive energy consumption and space cooling demand. In this research, energy modeling and simulation are utilized with the use of Design Builder software to examine the influence of various retrofitting measures of air-conditioning (A/C) system and building envelope components on the energy use. Several combined measures are implemented and assessed to achieve the main goal of this research of selecting the best course of action to reduce cooling energy consumption for existing school buildings in the UAE.… More
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  • Research on Distribution Network Full Cost-Benefit Optimization Considering Different Renewable Energy Penetration
  • Abstract To further study the impact of renewable energy penetration on the technical transformation of distribution networks. Based on the output power characteristics of wind power and photovoltaics, a renewable energy grid-connected capacity model and a distribution network full cost-benefit model were constructed. Based on this, to maximize the comprehensive income of the distribution network and the renewable energy penetration rate, to establish the technical reform optimization model and search for the optimal solution through the improved NSGA-II algorithm. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed model was verified by setting up three scenarios of simultaneous wind power, grid-connected wind power, grid-connected… More
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  • Research on Effect of Icing Degree on Performance of NACA4412 Airfoil Wind Turbine
  • Abstract In order to study the effect of icing on the wind turbine blade tip speed ratio and wind energy utilization coefficient under working conditions, it is important to better understand the growth characteristics of wind turbine blade icing under natural conditions. In this paper, the icing test of the NACA4412 airfoil wind turbine was carried out using the natural low temperature wind turbine icing test system. An evaluation model of icing degree was established, and the influence of wind speed and icing degree on the performance parameters of wind turbines was compared and analyzed. It is shown that icing is… More
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  • Investigation of Core Loss Calculation Methods for Nanocrystalline Core in Medium Frequency Range
  • Abstract Nanocrystalline core is often adopted in high-power medium-frequency transformer, whose excitation voltage is usually a rectangular wave with an adjustable duty ratio. In this paper, several kinds of methods are proposed for core loss calculation under non-sinusoidal voltage excitation by modifying the original Steinmetz equation (OSE). Firstly, these correction methods are compared in theory, and their analytical equations under rectangular voltage with an adjustable duty ratio are deduced. Then, a hysteresis loop measurement system is established to measure the core loss density of a nanocrystalline core. Based on the measured results of the core loss density under sinusoidal voltage excitation,… More
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  • Accurate Study and Evaluation of Small PV Power Generation System Based on Specific Geographical Location
  • Abstract As an important new energy, solar energy has been extensively used in the world and different types of solar energy systems have been used in different fields. The photovoltaic power generation system has obvious advantage and high stability compared with other energy systems. Furthermore, the small-scale photovoltaic power generation system has a wider application in the field of power generation due to the performance of high efficiency. In this paper, the optimization research and system evaluation of small-scale photovoltaic power system have been studied in different areas by simulation and experimental methods. Based on the determination of photovoltaic model system,… More
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  • Research on Intelligent Energy Storage Control Method with Ethernet Communication
  • Abstract The increasingly severe global energy crisis has brought great challenges to the energy field, and renewable energy power generation system has been widely concerned because of its characteristics of green and inexhaustible. However, renewable energy also has some limitations in its specific application, and affects the grid-connected power generation of new energy. In this paper, based on the background of photovoltaic power station, the intelligent energy storage control method for single inverter is put forward to assist a single inverter, and the DC component of fluctuating power is extracted by using the moving average function; furthermore, the intelligent energy storage… More
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