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  • Electricity Demand Time Series Forecasting Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition and Long Short-Term Memory
  • Abstract Load forecasting is critical for a variety of applications in modern energy systems. Nonetheless, forecasting is a difficult task because electricity load profiles are tied with uncertain, non-linear, and non-stationary signals. To address these issues, long short-term memory (LSTM), a machine learning algorithm capable of learning temporal dependencies, has been extensively integrated into load forecasting in recent years. To further increase the effectiveness of using LSTM for demand forecasting, this paper proposes a hybrid prediction model that incorporates LSTM with empirical mode decomposition (EMD). EMD algorithm breaks down a load time-series data into several sub-series called intrinsic mode functions (IMFs).… More
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  • The Effect of Injected Air Bubble Size on the Thermal Performance of a Vertical Shell and Helical Coiled Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Abstract In the present study, the effect of injecting air bubble size on the thermal performance of a vertical counter-current shell and coiled tube heat exchanger is experimentally investigated. The experiments were accomplished in a cylindrical shape heat exchanger with a 50 cm height and 15 cm outer diameter. Copper coil with 3.939 m equivalent length and 0.6 cm outer diameter was used to carry the hot fluid (water). Four different cold fluid (shell side) flow rates under laminar flow conditions (316 ≤ Re ≤ 1223), constant hot (coil side) flow rate fluid rates , four different injected air flow rates , invariant… More
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  • Review on Wind Power Development and Relevant Policies between China and Japan
  • Abstract China has abundant wind energy resources and huge development potential among developing countries. Japan is a developed country that planned to increase the use of renewable energy, especially wind energy. This research is aimed at reviewing the development of wind power and relevant policies between China and Japan. Firstly, we introduced the current status of global wind power development, such as the global installed capacity of wind power. The annual development of wind power generation in China and Japan is compared, and the distribution characteristics of wind resources are compared. Furthermore, the market share in China and Japan is introduced.… More
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  • Analysis of Near-Wake Deflection Characteristics of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Tower under Yaw State
  • Abstract The yaw of the horizontal axis wind turbine results in the deflection of the wake flow field of the tower. The reasonable layout of wind farm can reduce the power loss of the downstream wind turbine generators due to the blocking effect of the upstream wake flow and increase the output power of the whole wind farm. However, there is still much space for further research. In this paper, experimental research is conducted on the near-wake deflection characteristics of wind turbine tower under yaw state, expecting the effect of throwing away a brick in order to get a gem. In… More
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  • Optimal Configuration of an Off-Grid Hybrid Wind-Hydrogen Energy System: Comparison of Two Systems
  • Abstract Due to the uncertainty of renewable energy power generation and the non-linearity of load demand, it becomes complicated to determine the capacity of each device in hybrid renewable energy power generation systems. This work aims to optimize the capacity of two types of the off-grid hybrid wind-hydrogen energy system. We considered the maximum profit of the system and the minimum loss of power supply probability as optimization goals. Firstly, we established steady-state models of the wind turbine, alkaline electrolyzer, lead-acid battery, and proton exchange membrane fuel cell in matrix laboratory software to optimize the capacity. Secondly, we analyzed the operating… More
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  • A Study on Heat Transfer Enhancement through Various Nanofluids in a Square Cavity with Localized Heating
  • Abstract A two-dimensional (2D) laminar flow of nanofluids confined within a square cavity having localized heat source at the bottom wall has been investigated. The governing Navier–Stokes and energy equations have been non dimensionalized using the appropriate non dimensional variables and then numerically solved using finite volume method. The flow was controlled by a range of parameters such as Rayleigh number, length of heat source and nanoparticle volume fraction. The numerical results are represented in terms of isotherms, streamlines, velocity and temperature distribution as well as the local and average rate of heat transfer. A comparative study has been conducted for… More
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  • Techno-Economic Analysis of a Grid-Connected Waste to Energy Gasification Plant: A Case Study
  • Abstract With population growth around the world, municipal waste disposal and continued energy demand becomes some of the major challenges to deal with. In order to address these, an approach is required for an optimal waste management system that offers the population benefit with a lower environmental impact. This study evaluates the technical-economic and environmental impact analysis of a grid-connected waste to energy (WtE) plant to power a Univerisiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) community. The energy recovery potential of the waste stream was assessed using the life cycle assessment (LCA) method with GaBiTM software (version 4). A technical, economic and environmental analysis… More
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  • Quantifying Contribution of DER-Integrated EV Parking Lots to Reliability of Power Distribution Systems
  • Abstract In the future smart cities, parking lots (PLs) can accommodate hundreds of electric vehicles (EVs) at the same time. This trend creates an opportunity for PLs to serve as a potential flexibility resource, considering growing penetration of EVs and integration of distributed energy resources DER (such as photovoltaic and energy storages). Given this background, this paper proposes a comprehensive evaluation framework to investigate the potential role of DER-integrated PLs (DPL) with the capability of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) in improving the reliability of the distribution network. For this aim, first, an overview for the distribution system with DPLs is provided. Then, a… More
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  • FCS-MPC Strategy for PV Grid-Connected Inverter Based on MLD Model
  • Abstract In the process of grid-connected photovoltaic power generation, there are high requirements for the quality of the power that the inverter breaks into the grid. In this work, to improve the power quality of the grid-connected inverter into the grid, and the output of the system can meet the grid-connected requirements more quickly and accurately, we exhibit an approach toward establishing a mixed logical dynamical (MLD) model where logic variables were introduced to switch dynamics of the single-phase photovoltaic inverters. Besides, based on the model, our recent efforts in studying the finite control set model predictive control (FCS-MPC) and devising… More
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  • Loss Analysis of Electromagnetic Linear Actuator Coupling Control Electromagnetic Mechanical System
  • Abstract As an energy converter, electromagnetic linear actuators (EMLAs) have been widely used in industries. Multidisciplinary methodology is a preferred tool for the design and optimization of EMLA. In this paper, a multidisciplinary method was proposed for revealing the influence mechanism of load on EMLA’s loss. The motion trajectory of EMLA is planned through tracking differentiator, an adaptive robust control was adopted to compensate the influence of load on motion trajectory. A control-electromagnetic-mechanical coupling model was established and verified experimentally. The influence laws of load change on EMLA’s loss, loss composition and loss distribution were analyzed quantitatively. The results show that… More
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  • Aging Characteristics and Influencing Factors of the Sheds of Composite Insulators in Karst Regions of China
  • Abstract In recent years, more and more high-voltage overhead transmission lines were built passing through the karst regions in southwestern China. This type of special landform seems to have an adverse effect on the aging of the sheds of the line suspension composite insulators, which may lead to unexpected flashover and line tripping. In order to find out the particularity of the aging characteristics of insulators operating in the karst regions, samples in operation were selected from both the karst regions and the flatlands. Hydrophobicity, amount of surface contamination, and contaminant composition of the sheds were studied, then a comparison of… More
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  • Modelling and Optimal Design of Hybrid Power System Photovoltaic/Solid Oxide Fuel Cell for a Mediterranean City
  • Abstract This work presents a hybrid power system consisting of photovoltaic and solid oxide fuel cell (PV-SOFC) for electricity production and hydrogen production. The simulation of this hybrid system is adjusted for Bou-Zedjar city in north Algeria. Homer software was used for this simulation to calculate the power output and the total net present cost. The method used depends on the annual average monthly values of clearness index and radiation for which the energy contributions are determined for each component of PV/SOFC hybrid system. The economic study is more important criterion in the proposed hybrid system, and the results show that… More
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  • Investigation of Plans Shape and Glazing Percentage for the Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings
  • Abstract The room's plan shape, the area of the window, and the impact of the materials are significant parameters in determining the thermal needs of buildings. In traditional houses of the hot and dry climate of Iran, the plan shape of the room, the ratio of the window area to the floor area, and the comparison between traditional and prevalent materials have been less studied. This study investigated the thermal performance of seven different models of the plan shape, five different ratios of window area to plan area, and three material structures in a selected room of Yazd City using EnergyPlus… More
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  • Classification and Visualization of Surrounding Rock Mass Stability Based on Multi-Dimensional Cloud Model
  • Abstract The classification of the stability of surrounding rock is an uncertain system with multiple indices. The Multi-dimensional Cloud Model provides an advanced solution through the use of an improved model of One-dimensional Cloud Model. Setting each index as a one-dimensional attribute, the Multi-dimensional Cloud Model can set the digital characteristics of each index according to the cloud theory. The Multi-dimensional cloud generator can calculate the certainty of each grade, and then determine the stability levels of the surrounding rock according to the principle of maximum certainty. Using this model to 5 coal mine roadway surrounding rock examples and comparing the… More
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  • Coal Seam Permeability Improvement and CBM Production Enhancement by Enlarged Borehole: Mechanism and Application
  • Abstract The permeability is a key factor to determine the efficiency of coalbed methane (CBM) production. The borehole enlargement technology using hydraulic and mechanical measures to cut coal is an effective method to increase the coal seam permeability and improve the efficiency of gas drainage. Reasonable design of the layout of boreholes is the prerequisite for efficient and economical gas drainage. In this paper, based on the strain-softening model, the stress and permeability model of the coal seam around the enlarged borehole was built, and based on the dual-medium model, the gas migration model in the coal seam was established. Then… More
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  • Effect of Dust and Shadow on Performance of Solar Photovoltaic Modules: Experimental Analysis
  • Abstract This study presents an experimental performance of a solar photovoltaic module under clean, dust, and shadow conditions. It is found that there is a significant decrease in electrical power produced (40% in the case of dust panels and 80% in the case of shadow panels) and a decrease in efficiency of around 6% in the case with dust and 9% in the case with the shadow, as compared to the clean panel. From the results, it is clear that there is a substantial effect of a partial shadow than dust on the performance of the solar panel. This is due… More
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  • A Novel Starting Impulse Suppression Method for Active Power Filter Based on Slowly Rising Curve
  • Abstract With the widespread application of power electronic equipment in the power grid, the harmonic problem of the power grid becomes more pronounced, reducing the efficiency of power production, transmission, and utilization, and interfering with the normal operation of the power grid. Based on the requirements of harmonic suppression and power system protection, a shunt active power filter (SAPF) is proposed as an effective harmonic suppression method. However, there are problems with impulse current and impulse voltage in the starting process of SAPF. Impulse current and impulse voltage cause the power grid and switchgear to bear greater current stress and voltage… More
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  • Research on the Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Water-Cooling Plate in a Heat Dissipation System
  • Abstract The water-cooling heat dissipation technology can solve the heat dissipation and noise problems of the calculation plate. Therefore, the structural design of the water-cooling plate directly affects its flow and heat transfer characteristics, which restricts the promotion and application of the technology. To this end, the water-cooling plate of a heat dissipation system was taken as the research object, and its flow and heat transfer characteristics were numerical simulated and experimental studied. Through comparative analysis, the rationality of the numerical simulation method was verified. Based on this, three improved schemes of water-cooling plate structure were proposed and numerical simulation was… More
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  • Performance Analysis of Multi-Energy Hybrid System Based on Molten Salt Energy Storage
  • Abstract This paper briefly summarizes the current status of typical solar thermal power plant system, including system composition, thermal energy storage medium and performance. The thermo-physical properties of the storage medium are some of the most important factors that affect overall efficiency of the system, because some renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are unpredictable. A thermal storage system is therefore necessary to store energy for continuous usage. Based on the form of storage or the mode of system connection, heat exchangers of a thermal storage system can produce different temperature ranges of heat transfer fluid to realize energy… More
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