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Application of Artificial Intelligence for Energy and City Environmental Sustainability

Submission Deadline: 30 December 2022 (closed) View: 12

Guest Editors

Prof. Dr. Oveis Abedinia
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Nazarbayev University, 214082 Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Dr. Ali Ghasemi Marzbali
Department of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, Mazandaran University of Science and Technology, Babol, Iran

Dr. Behrouz Sobhani
Faculty of Technical Engineering, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, Iran


Improvement in cities based on new intelligent strategies provide new challenges for researchers. Actually, the cities are the largest consumers of energy and also CO2 generators. With population growth, the energy demand will be increase and the environment can be threated by exhausted carbon. This issue can provide serious problems specially in power systems in future if left unaddressed. Artificial intelligence approach is one of the solution models in modern power systems and smart cities. Application of solution models in different forecasting in renewable energy sources, optimal power flow, energy efficiency in context of smart cities, energy management and etc., can help the power system and smart cities to tackle the mentioned problems. Additionally, optimum consumption of energies in buildings and crowded cities can solved by these methods through solving the environmental drawbacks and increase the stability of grid.

In this special issue, the broader area of energy and environmental sustainability in smart cities is proposed. Acceptable technologies and resources include but are not limited to wind energy, photovoltaic, economic and environmental impacts of energy efficiency over smart cities, Smart transportation and energy management in smart cities, energy management and control techniques, fuel cells and battery, geothermal energy, and energy storage technologies, electric vehicles (EVs) and etc. Authors with research papers focused on various approaches of smart energy management, renewable energy forecasting including machine learning, optimization, fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, game theory and etc., are encouraged. This special issue provides an opportunity for rapid publication of work describing the practical solution models in proposed problem. 


The interested topics but not limited of this special issue can be presented as follows:

l  Application of artificial intelligence methods on smart energy management

l  Impacts of energy forecasting in smart cities operation and planning

l  Optimal solution models of environment and economic impacts in microgrids based optimization methods

l  Security constrained optimal power flow in smart cities and its impacts of environment

l  Application of artificial models for sustainable energy efficiency in microgrids

l  Energy storage devices for smart building energy management

l  Optimal operation of energy management system in smart building based renewable energy sources

l  The evolution of the city-energy-sustainability nexus

l  Smart monitoring, and optimization of energy consumption in smart cities


Evolutionary Algorithms; Power system modeling and optimization; Renewable energy; Energy & environmental issues; Energy Forecasting ; Utilities ; Operation in power system; Carbon emissions reduction

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