Special Issue Titles and Editors Submission Deadline Status  
Innovative Energy Systems Management under the Goals of Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality
(Editors: Bing Wang; Guoping Hu; Hao Chen; Jiaquan Li)
31 December 2023 Open
Wind Energy Development and Utilization
(Editors: Dongran Song; Mohamed Arezki Mellal; Qingan Li; Bo Yang)
31 December 2023 Open
Recent Advances in Multi-Vector Energy Systems: Modeling and Simulation
(Editors: Jamal Faraji; Masoud Babaei; Mehrdad Aslani)
31 December 2022 Open
Hydrogen and Renewables in Sustainable Energy Transition
(Editor: Mohan Lal Kolhe)
31 December 2022 Open
Smart Solutions in Sustainable Power and Energy Systems
(Editors: Osamah Ibrahim Khalaf; Kingsley A. Ogudo; Jesus Hamilton Ortiz)
31 December 2022 Open
Renewable Energy Systems (RES) in Building Energy-Efficient Systems
(Editors: Xiaokai Yang; Huiliang Zhao; Md. Belal Bin Heyat)
31 December 2022 Open
Application of Artificial Intelligence for Energy and City Environmental Sustainability
(Editors: Oveis Abedinia; Ali Ghasemi Marzbali; Behrouz Sobhani)
30 December 2022 Open
Integration of Large-Scale Renewable Energy in the Energy Systems
(Editor: Ali Khosravi)
31 October 2022 Open
Sustainable Development in Rural Areas Using Cleaner energy resources for Economic Social and Environmental Benefits
(Editors: Ravi Samikannu; Yuvaraja Teekaraman; Albert Alexander Stonier)
31 October 2022 Open
Geothermal Power Generation: Energy, Exergy and Optimization
(Editors: Nugroho Agung Pambudi; Lip Huat Saw; Muhammad Imran)
30 October 2022 Open
Evolutionary Intelligence-Based Modelling, Optimization and Control in Renewable Energy Systems
(Editors: M. Premkumar; Pradeep Jangir; C. Kumar)
30 September 2022 Open
Simulation of Flow and Transport Problems in Petroleum Engineering
(Editors: Xiang Rao; Pin Jia; Hao Xiong; Hao Liu)
31 August 2022 Open
Selected Papers from 3rd International Conference on Energy & Power (ICEP2021)
(Editors: Nakorn Tippayawong; Harun Chowdhury; Firoz Alam; Xiaolin Wang; Somnath Chattopadhyay)
31 March 2022 Open