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Advancements in Energy Resources, Processes, Systems, and Materials-(ICSSD2024)

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Guest Editors

Professor Dr. Hussain H. Al-Kayiem
Director of Academic and Research Services Sdn. Bhd. – Malaysia
Emails: prof.hussain@acaress.org; hhalkayiem51@gmail.com


The current global geopolitical status demonstrates the fragile energy scenario in terms of resources, market, and connectivity. Such a situation is highly influencing the Sustainable Development Goals implementations in developed, developing, and poor countries. It is no secret that it is called an Energy Crises. The current energy scenario is mainly sourced from fossil fuels, which is unsustainable over the long term due to depletion, negative climate change impacts, negative health impacts, and the challenge to preserve the ecosystems. Deviation from Fossil to clean, renewable resources is combined with huge challenges. Hence all types of efforts to improve the energy systems efficiencies, reduce the carbon emissions, and balance the production cost of energy.  

This collection compiles state-of-the-art research and development on energy resources, energy systems, energy processes, energy conversion, energy storage and all related materials to energy and fuel technologies. The collection accepts mainly papers presenting research results and limited reviews and outlooks of hot energy systems and process topics.

The collection body is mainly built from selected, submitted, accepted, and modified papers from the 2nd International Conference on Sustainability Systems Development, (ICSSD2024). to be held on 15-16 July 2024, Erbil, Iraq. The selected papers will be published as articles. The total proposed papers are 20-22 papers. Around eight (8) papers are absorbed from the ICSSD2024 conference and the rest are open for submission by interested authors.

The topics covered in this Special Issue include advancement on:

· Systems of hydrocarbon, renewable, clean, and bio energies.

· Processes of hydrocarbon, renewable, clean, and bio energies.

· Materials of hydrocarbon, renewable, clean, and bio energies.

· Fuels technology.


Energy systems
Energy materials
Fuel technology
Hybrid energy technologies
Oil & Gas technologies
Process control
Renewable energies
Systems control

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