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Carbon Reduction and Optimized Recovery Strategies for Unconventional Resource

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Guest Editors

Dr. Maojie Chai, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada
Email: maojie.chai@ucalgary.ca

Dr. Jinze Xu, Suncor Energy Inc., Calgary, Canada
Email: jinzxu@ucalgary.ca / jixu@suncor.com

Prof. Zhangxing Chen,University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada
Email: zhachen@ucalgary.ca


The energy industry is now facing the challenges of environmental emission reduction and continual growth in energy demand. In this context, unconventional resources, such as shale gas, tight gas, and oil sands, are key components in the current and future shift towards an adjusted energy mix and a transformed cleaner energy source. With increasingly stringent environmental regulations and the rapid development of clean energy technologies, the methods of exploitation and recovery these resources must be adapt to new environmental and market conditions.

The focus of this special issue is on the exploration and recovery of unconventional resources, examining how innovative technologies and approaches can enhance the efficiency and environmental sustainability of these unconventional resource recovery. This includes, but is not limited to, advanced drilling technologies, improved hydraulic fracturing methods, greenhouse gas capture and storage (CCS) technologies, and novel strategies for enhancing the recovery. In addition to technological innovations, this special issue also emphasizes industrial-applicable carbon reduction strategies. This encompasses emission reduction measures implemented throughout the production chain of unconventional resources, such as improving operational efficiency and optimizing resource allocation and management. Submissions of case studies and experiences that demonstrate how to achieve environmental and social goals while maintaining competitiveness are encouraged.


Specific topics but not limited to:

(1) Advancements in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Techniques

(2) Innovative Shale Gas Extraction Technologies

(3) Tight Gas Reservoir Characterization and Exploitation

(4) Environmental Impacts of Oil Sands Operations

(5) Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) in Unconventional Resource Development

(6) Renewable Energy Integration in Unconventional Resource Recovery

(7) Policy and Regulatory Frameworks for Unconventional Resource Development

(8) Lifecycle Analysis of Unconventional Resources

(9) Techno-economic Assessments of Unconventional Resource Recovery

(10) Case Studies on Sustainable Practices in Unconventional Resource Extraction

(11) Advances in Operational Efficiency and Resource Management

(12) Social and Community Aspects of Unconventional Resource Development

(13) Emerging Technologies in Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing


The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Optimizing Unconventional Resource Recovery: Utilizing AI and big data analytics to improve decision-making, enhance recovery rates, and minimize environmental impacts in unconventional resource extraction.

We welcome original research articles, short communications, perspectives, and review articles for this special issue. These contributions should highlight the potential and challenges of unconventional resources in carbon reduction and optimized recovery, as well as their role in achieving sustainable development goals (SDG) in the energy field. Specifically, we look forward to research offering new ideas, methodologies, and solutions for the environmentally friendly recovery of unconventional resources.


Unconventional Resources, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Shale Gas, Tight Gas, Oil Sands, Carbon Reduction Strategies, Technological Innovation, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Development Goal

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