Special Issue "Simulation of Flow and Transport Problems in Petroleum Engineering"

Submission Deadline: 31 August 2022
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Guest Editors
Dr. Xiang Rao, Yangtze University, China. Email: raoxiang0103@163.com, raoxiang@yangtzeu.edu.cn;
Dr. Pin Jia, China University of Petroleum, China. Email: jiapin1990@163.com;
Dr. Hao Xiong, Yale University, USA. Email: hao.xiong@yale.edu;
Dr. Hao Liu, Hohai University, China. Email:lhao@hhu.edu.cn.


Petroleum engineering involves the simulation of various complex flow and transport problems in underground reservoirs, including exploring the flow mechanism of oil, gas and water in the formation through physical simulation, and using computational methods to realize efficient and high-precision calculation of multiphase flow, non-isothermal flow, compositional model and fluid-solid coupling problem in conventional or unconventional oil and gas reservoirs. In addition to the flow problems in the underground reservoir, the well drilling process involves the simulation of mass and heat transfer of drilling fluid in the wellbore annulus, and the complex flow simulation of lifted multiphase fluid in the wellbore during production or injection, and the coupling simulation of the above various flow and transport problems. Therefore, this special issue covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

(1)    Numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer in reservoir;
(2)    Numerical simulation of shale gas flow in tight shale reservoir;
(3)    Experimental study about the flow mechanisms of underground fluid;
(4)    New numerical simulation technology in reservoir simulation;
(5)    Coupling simulation of heat and mass transfer in wellbore annulus during well drilling;
(6)    Simulation of flow and transport in fractured reservoirs;
(7)    Coupling study of flow and geomechanics;
(8)    Simulation of Multiphase flow in wellbore.

Flow and Transport; Petroleum Engineering; Numerical Simulation; Experimental Study; Geomechanics.

Published Papers
  • Two Phase Flow Simulation of Fractal Oil Reservoir Based on Meshless Method
  • Abstract The reservoir is the networked rock skeleton of an oil and gas trap, as well as the generic term for the fluid contained within pore fractures and karst caves. Heterogeneity and a complex internal pore structure characterize the reservoir rock. By introducing the fractal permeability formula, this paper establishes a fractal mathematical model of oil-water two-phase flow in an oil reservoir with heterogeneity characteristics and numerically solves the mathematical model using the weighted least squares meshless method. Additionally, the method’s correctness is verified by comparison to the exact solution. The numerical results demonstrate that the fractal oil-water two-phase flow mathematical… More
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