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Analysis of Multiple Annular Pressure in Gas Storage Well and High-Pressure Gas Well

Lihu Cao1,2, Jinsheng Sun1,*, Bo Zhang3,*, Nu Lu4, Yuqiang Xu1

1 School of Petroleum Engineering, China University of Petroleum (East China), Qingdao, 266580, China
2 Tarim Oilfield Company, PetroChina, Korla, 841000, China
3 CNPC Research Institute of Safety and Environment Technology, Beijing, 102206, China
4 Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development, PetroChina, Beijing, 100083, China

* Corresponding Authors: Jinsheng Sun. Email: email; Bo Zhang. Email: email

(This article belongs to the Special Issue: Simulation of Flow and Transport Problems in Petroleum Engineering)

Energy Engineering 2023, 120(1), 35-48.


In gas storage or high-pressure gas wells, annular pressure is an unavoidable threat to safe, long-term resource production. The more complex situation, however, is multiple annular pressure, which means annular pressure happens in not only one annulus but two or more. Such a situation brings serious challenges to the identification of well integrity. However, few researches analyze the phenomenon of multiple annular pressure. Therefore, this paper studies the mechanism of multi-annular pressure to provide a foundation for its prevention and diagnosis. Firstly, the multi-annular pressure is classified according to the mechanism and field data. Then the failure mechanism and function of the wellbore safety barriers in the process of passage formation are analyzed. Finally, some suggestions are put forward for identifying and controlling multi-annular pressure. The results show that gas storage wells and high-pressure gas wells have the conditions to generate pressure channels, which leads to the expansion of annular pressure from a single annulus to multiple annuli. The pressure channel is composed of the tubing string, casing string, and a cement mantle, and the failures among the three have causal and hierarchical relationships. According to the channel direction, it can be divided into two types: tubing-casing annulus to casing annulus and casing annulus to the tubing-casing annulus, of which the former is more harmful. Some measures can be considered to prevent pressure channeling, including improvement of cementing quality, revision of maximum allowable annular pressure, and suitable frequency of pressure relief.


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Cao, L., Sun, J., Zhang, B., Lu, N., Xu, Y. (2023). Analysis of multiple annular pressure in gas storage well and high-pressure gas well. Energy Engineering, 120(1), 35-48.
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Cao L, Sun J, Zhang B, Lu N, Xu Y. Analysis of multiple annular pressure in gas storage well and high-pressure gas well. Energ Eng. 2023;120(1):35-48
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L. Cao, J. Sun, B. Zhang, N. Lu, and Y. Xu "Analysis of Multiple Annular Pressure in Gas Storage Well and High-Pressure Gas Well," Energ. Eng., vol. 120, no. 1, pp. 35-48. 2023.

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