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A Research Progress of CO2-Responsive Plugging Channeling Gels

Yang Xiong1,2, Jianxin Liu1,2,*, Xianhao Yi2, Bangyan Xiao2, Dan Wu2, Biao Wu2, Chunyu Gao2

1 Key Laboratory of Drilling and Production Engineering for Oil and Gas, Yangtze University, Wuhan, 430100, China
2 School of Petroleum Engineering, Yangtze University, Wuhan, 430100, China

* Corresponding Author: Jianxin Liu. Email: email

(This article belongs to the Special Issue: Integrated Geology-Engineering Simulation and Optimizationfor Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoirs)

Energy Engineering 2024, 121(7), 1759-1780.


In the heterogeneous reservoirs, CO2 flooding easily leads to CO2 gas channeling, which can seriously affect sweeping efficiency and reduce oil recovery. After thoroughly investigating the advantages and shortcomings of various CO2 plugging technologies, this paper focuses on the feasibility of improving conventional water-alternating gas (WAG) through CO2-responsive gel materials. Based on the different chemical reaction mechanisms between the unique chemical structure and CO2, changes in the material’s physical and chemical properties can respond to CO2. The feasibility of utilizing these property changes for CO2-responsive plugging is explored. Various CO2-responsive gels and gel nanoparticles have been extensively researched in different fields, such as energy, medicine, and biology. This paper surveys the molecular structures, chemical compositions, response mechanisms, and changes of these CO2-responsive gels, aiming to draw insights into the carbon dioxide-enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR) field. Finally, the key issues and future development direction of CO2-responsive plugging gels were analyzed.


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Xiong, Y., Liu, J., Yi, X., Xiao, B., Wu, D. et al. (2024). A research progress of co2-responsive plugging channeling gels. Energy Engineering, 121(7), 1759-1780.
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Xiong Y, Liu J, Yi X, Xiao B, Wu D, Wu B, et al. A research progress of co2-responsive plugging channeling gels. Energ Eng. 2024;121(7):1759-1780
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Y. Xiong et al., "A Research Progress of CO2-Responsive Plugging Channeling Gels," Energ. Eng., vol. 121, no. 7, pp. 1759-1780. 2024.

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