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Forced-Mixed Convection Transition of a Buoyant Axisymmetric Jet with Variable Properties

A. Abbassi1,2, H. Ben Aissia1

Unit of Metrology and Energetic systems, UR11ES59, ENIM, Tunisia
Corresponding Author: Email:

Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing 2014, 10(1), 115-147.


This paper describes the transition from forced to mixed convection in a jet flow with variable properties. The classical laminar layer analysis is extended by taking into account the dependence of physical properties on temperature. The related model relies on the assumption that the variations of Prandtl number and specific heat at constant pressure are sufficiently small to be neglected. A second-order finite-difference numerical method based on a staggered grid is used to analyze transition, hydrodynamic and heat transfer phenomena in the jet. The dimensionless control parameter, Λ = T0/T, is limited to values less than 1. It is found that the variation of physical properties with temperature has a significant effect on jet flow velocity, whereas this dependence has an almost negligible influence on the expansion characteristics of the flow.


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Abbassi, A., Aissia, H. B. (2014). Forced-Mixed Convection Transition of a Buoyant Axisymmetric Jet with Variable Properties. FDMP-Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, 10(1), 115–147.

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