Vol.16, No.5, 2020, pp.871-882, doi:10.32604/fdmp.2020.09957
Optimization of a Heat Exchanger Using an ARM Core Intelligent Algorithm
  • Yajuan Jia, Juanjuan Wang*, Lisha Shang
Xi’an Traffic Engineering Institute, Xi’an, 710300, China
* Corresponding Author: Juanjuan Wang. Email: wang12281096311@163.com
(This article belongs to this Special Issue: EFD and Heat Transfer II)
Received 26 February 2020; Accepted 23 July 2020; Issue published 09 October 2020
In order to optimize heat transfer in a heat exchanger using an ARM (advanced RISC machine) core intelligent computer algorithm, a new type of controller has been designed. The whole control structure of the heat exchange unit has been conceived on the basis of seven functional modules, including data processing and output, human-computer interaction, alarm, and data communication. The main controller and communication controller have been used in a combined fashion and a new MCU (micro control unit) system scheme has been proposed accordingly. A fuzzy controller has been designed by using a fuzzy control algorithm, and a new mode of heat transfer for the heat exchanger has been implemented by combining the fuzzy controller and the PID (proportioning integral derivative) controller. Finally, the model has been applied to an actual heat exchange station to test and verify the performances of the new approach.
ARM; heat exchanger; fuzzy control algorithm; communication controller; PID controller
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Jia, Y., Wang, J., Shang, L. (2020). Optimization of a Heat Exchanger Using an ARM Core Intelligent Algorithm. FDMP-Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, 16(5), 871–882.
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