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The Data Analyses of a Vertical Storage Tank Using Finite Element SOFT Computing

Lin Gao, Mingzhen Wang

College of Architecture Engineering, Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences, Chongqing, China

* Corresponding Author: Mingzhen Wang,

Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing 2018, 24(3), 643-651.


With the rapid development of the petrochemical industry, the number of largescale oil storage tanks has increased significantly, and many storage tanks are located in potential seismic regions. It is very necessary to analyze seismic response of oil storage tanks since their damage in an earthquake can lead to serious disasters and losses. In this paper, three models of vertical cylindrical oil storage tank in different sizes, which are commonly used in practical engineering are established. The dynamic characteristics, sloshing wave height and hydrodynamic pressure of the oil tank considering the liquid-structure coupling effect are analyzed by using ADINA finite element software, which are compared with the result of the standard method. The close numerical values of both results have verified the correctness and reliability of finite element model. The analytic results show that liquid sloshing wave height is basically in direct proportion to ground motion peak acceleration, the standard method of portion sloshing wave height calculation is not conservative. The hydrodynamic pressure generated by liquid sloshing caused by ground motion is not negligible compared with the hydrostatic pressure. The tank radius and oil height have a significant effect on the numerical value of hydrodynamic pressure. The ratio of the hydrodynamic pressure and hydrostatic pressure, which is named hydraulic pressure increase coefficients, is related to the height, which given by the GB 50341-2014 code in China have a high reliability. The seismic performances of tank wall near the bottom needs to be enhanced and improved in the seismic design of the oil tank.


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L. Gao and M. Wang, "The data analyses of a vertical storage tank using finite element soft computing," Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing, vol. 24, no.3, pp. 643–651, 2018.

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