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Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing: An International Journal seeks to provide a common forum for the dissemination of accurate results about the world of artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, control, computer science, modeling and systems engineering. It is intended that the articles published in the journal will encompass both the short and the long term effects of soft computing and other related fields such as robotics, control, computer, cyber security, vision, speech recognition, pattern recognition, data mining, big data, data analytics, machine intelligence and deep learning. It further hopes it will address the existing and emerging relationships between automation, systems engineering, system of computer engineering and soft computing. Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing is published monthly by Tech Science Press.

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Previously published by TSI Press (, Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing starts to be published by Tech Science Press from the third issue of 2020 and supports Open Access Policy.

  • Leveraging Convolutional Neural Network for COVID-19 Disease Detection Using CT Scan Images
  • Abstract In 2020, the world faced an unprecedented pandemic outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which causes severe threats to patients suffering from diabetes, kidney problems, and heart problems. A rapid testing mechanism is a primary obstacle to controlling the spread of COVID-19. Current tests focus on the reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). The PCR test takes around 4–6 h to identify COVID-19 patients. Various research has recommended AI-based models leveraging machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks to classify COVID-19 and non-COVID patients from chest X-ray and computerized tomography (CT) scan images. However, no model can be claimed as a standard… More
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  • Performance Evaluation of Medical Segmentation Techniques for Cardiac MRI
  • Abstract The process of segmentation of the cardiac image aims to limit the inner and outer walls of the heart to segment all or portions of the organ’s boundaries. Due to its accurate morphological information, magnetic resonance (MR) images are typically used in cardiac segmentation as they provide the best contrast of soft tissues. The data acquired from the resulting cardiac images simplifies not only the laboratory assessment but also other conventional diagnostic techniques that provide several useful measures to evaluate and diagnose cardiovascular disease (CVD). Therefore, scientists have offered numerous segmentation schemes to remedy these issues for producing more accurate… More
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  • Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Traffic Accidents in China, 2016–2019
  • Abstract This study analyzed in-depth investigation reports for 418 traffic accidents with at least five deaths (TALFDs) in China from 2016 to 2019. Statistical analysis methods including hierarchical cluster analysis were employed to examine the distribution characteristics of these accidents. Accidents were found to be concentrated in July and August, and the distribution over the seven days of the week was relatively uniform; only Sunday had a higher number of accidents and deaths. In terms of 24-hour distribution, the one-hour periods with the most accidents and deaths were 8:00–9:00, 10:00–11:00, 14:00–15:00, and 18:00–19:00. Tibet, Qinghai, and Ningxia had the highest death… More
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  • Development of a Multi-feature Web-based Physiotherapy Service System
  • Abstract Physiotherapy is important to people with arthritis, and physiotherapists help them to resume or continue active, independent lives at home and work. Physiotherapy addresses many pain categories; however, this important treatment is still overlooked in Bangladesh, where many people suffer from physical pain. This study presents a multi-feature web-based physiotherapy application. A user can register as a doctor or patient via email or phone using the web application. A therapist’s information is verified manually by a system administrator. Using the application, patients can select a variety of features for treatment. Patients can watch physiotherapy video tutorials, find a physiotherapy clinic… More
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  • Chinese Q&A Community Medical Entity Recognition with Character-Level Features and Self-Attention Mechanism
  • Abstract With the rapid development of Internet, the medical Q&A community has become an important channel for people to obtain and share medical and health knowledge. Online medical entity recognition (OMER), as the foundation of medical and health information extraction, has attracted extensive attention of researchers in recent years. In order to further improve the research progress of Chinese OMER, LSTM-Att-Med model is proposed in this paper to capture more external semantic features and important information. First, Word2vec is used to generate the character-level vectors with semantic features on the basis of the unlabeled corpus in the medical domain and open… More
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  • Emotional Analysis of Arabic Saudi Dialect Tweets Using a Supervised Learning Approach
  • Abstract Social media sites produce a large amount of data and offer a highly competitive advantage for companies when they can benefit from and address data, as data provides a deeper understanding of clients and their needs. This understanding of clients helps in effectively making the correct decisions within the company, based on data obtained from social media websites. Thus, sentiment analysis has become a key tool for understanding that data. Sentiment analysis is a research area that focuses on analyzing people’s emotions and opinions to identify the polarity (e.g., positive or negative) of a given text. Since we need to… More
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  • Evaluating and Ranking Mobile Learning Factors Using a Multi-criterion Decision-making (MCDM) Approach
  • Abstract The escalating growth in digital technology is setting the stage for changes in university education, as E-learning brings students and faculties outside the contained classroom environment. While mobile learning is considered an emerging technology, there is comprehensive literature on mobile learning and its applications. However, there has been relatively little research on mobile learning recognition and readiness compared to mobile learning studies and implementations. The advent of mobile learning (M-learning) provides additional flexibility in terms of time and location. M-learning lacks an established place in university education. The influence of its critical success factors (CSFs) on the university education system… More
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  • A New Four-Parameter Moment Exponential Model with Applications to Lifetime Data
  • Abstract In this research article, we propose and study a new model the so-called Marshal-Olkin Kumaraswamy moment exponential distribution. The new distribution contains the moment exponential distribution, exponentiated moment exponential distribution, Marshal Olkin moment exponential distribution and generalized exponentiated moment exponential distribution as special sub-models. Some significant properties are acquired such as expansion for the density function and explicit expressions for the moments, generating function, Bonferroni and Lorenz curves. The probabilistic definition of entropy as a measure of uncertainty called Shannon entropy is computed. Some of the numerical values of entropy for different parameters are given. The method of maximum likelihood… More
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  • Automatic PSO Based Path Generation Technique for Data Flow Coverage
  • Abstract Path-based testing involves two main steps: 1) finding all paths throughout the code under test; 2) creating a test suite to cover these paths. Unfortunately, covering all paths in the code under test is impossible. Path-based testing could be achieved by targeting a subset of all feasible paths that satisfy a given testing criterion. Then, a test suite is created to execute this paths subset. Generating those paths is a key problem in path testing. In this paper, a new path testing technique is presented. This technique employs Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) for generating a set of paths to satisfy… More
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  • An Adaptive SAR Despeckling Method Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm
  • Abstract Despeckling of SAR imagery is a crucial step prior to their automated interpretation as information extraction from noisy images is a challenging task. Though a huge despeckling literature exists in this regard, there is still a room for improvement in existing techniques. The contemporary despeckling techniques adversely affect image edges during the noise reduction process and are thus responsible for losing the significant image features. Therefore, to preserve important features during the speckle reduction process, a two phase hybrid despeckling filter is proposed in this study. The first phase of the hybrid filter focuses on edge preservation by employing a… More
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  • Superposition of Functional Contours Based Prosodic Feature Extraction for Speech Processing
  • Abstract Speech signal analysis for the extraction of speech elements is viable in natural language applications. Rhythm, intonation, stress, and tone are the elements of prosody. These features are essential in emotional speech, speech to speech, speech recognition, and other applications. The current study attempts to extract the pitch and duration from historical Sindhi sound clips using the functional contours model’s superposition. The sampled sound clips contained the speech of 273 undergraduates living in 5 districts of the Sindhi province. Several Python libraries are available for the application of this model. We used these libraries for the extraction of prosodic data… More
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  • Inference of Truncated Lomax Inverse Lomax Distribution with Applications
  • Abstract This paper introduces a modified form of the inverse Lomax distribution which offers more flexibility for modeling lifetime data. The new three-parameter model is provided as a member of the truncated Lomax-G procedure. The new modified distribution is called the truncated Lomax inverse Lomax distribution. The density of the new model can be represented as a linear combination of the inverse Lomax distribution. Expansions for quantile function, moment generating function, probability weighted moments, ordinary moments, incomplete moments, inverse moments, conditional moments, and Rényi entropy measure are investigated. The new distribution is capable of monotonically increasing, decreasing, reversed J-shaped and upside-down… More
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  • Inference on Generalized Inverse-Pareto Distribution under Complete and Censored Samples
  • Abstract In this paper, the estimation of the parameters of extended Marshall-Olkin inverse-Pareto (EMOIP) distribution is studied under complete and censored samples. Five classical methods of estimation are adopted to estimate the parameters of the EMOIP distribution from complete samples. These classical estimators include the percentiles estimators, maximum likelihood estimators, least squares estimators, maximum product spacing estimators, and weighted least-squares estimators. The likelihood estimators of the parameters under type-I and type-II censoring schemes are discussed. Simulation results were conducted, for various parameter combinations and different sample sizes, to compare the performance of the EMOIP estimation methods under complete and censored samples.… More
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  • Energy Aware Clustering with Multihop Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Abstract The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) concepts are currently combined to improve data transmission based on sensors in near future applications. Since IoT devices exist in WSN with built-in batteries, power efficiency is a challenge that must be resolved. Clustering and routing are effectively treated as methods for reducing the dissipation of energy and maximising WSN IoT support life. This paper presents the new Energy Aware Adaptive Fuzzy neuro clustering with the WSN assisted IoT algorithm EAANFC-MR. EAANFC-MR is proposed for two main stages, clustering and multihop routing on the basis of EAANFCs. For selecting… More
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  • Implementation of Multi-Object Recognition System for the Blind
  • Abstract Blind people are highly exposed to numerous dangers when they walk alone outside as they cannot obtain sufficient information about their surroundings. While proceeding along a crosswalk, acoustic signals are played, though such signals are often faulty or difficult to hear. The bollards can also be dangerous if they are not made with flexible materials or are located improperly. Therefore, since the blind cannot detect proper information about these obstacles while walking, their environment can prove to be dangerous. In this paper, we propose an object recognition system that allows the blind to walk safely outdoors. The proposed system can… More
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  • Key Frame Extraction of Surveillance Video Based on Frequency Domain Analysis
  • Abstract Video key frame extraction, reputed as an essential step in video analysis and content-based video retrieval, and meanwhile, also serves as the basis and premise of generating video synopsis. Video key frame extraction means extracting the meaningful parts of the video by analyzing their content and structure to form a concise and semantically expressive summary. Up to now, people have achieved many research results in key frame extraction. Nevertheless, because the surveillance video has no specific structure, such as news, sports games, and other videos, it is not accurate enough to directly extract the key frame with the existing effective… More
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  • Adaptive Multi-Layer Selective Ensemble Least Square Support Vector Machines with Applications
  • Abstract Kernel learning based on structure risk minimum can be employed to build a soft measuring model for analyzing small samples. However, it is difficult to select learning parameters, such as kernel parameter (KP) and regularization parameter (RP). In this paper, a soft measuring method is investigated to select learning parameters, which is based on adaptive multi-layer selective ensemble (AMLSEN) and least-square support vector machine (LSSVM). First, candidate kernels and RPs with K and R numbers are preset based on prior knowledge, and candidate sub-sub-models with K*R numbers are constructed through utilizing LSSVM. Second, the candidate sub-sub-models with same KPs and… More
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  • Analysis of Security Testing Techniques
  • Abstract In the past decades, a significant increase has been observed in cyber-attacks on the web-based systems used for financial purposes. Such individual systems often contain security weaknesses, called vulnerabilities that can be exploited for malicious purposes. The exploitation of such vulnerabilities can result in disclosure and manipulation of sensitive data as well as have destructive effects. To protect such systems, security testing is required on a periodic basis. Various detection and assessment techniques have been suggested by developers and researchers to address these security issues. In this paper, we survey the contributions of academia in the field of security testing… More
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