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Intelligent Agriculture Technology Based on Internet of Things

Lili Sun1, Hairui Sun2, Ning Cao1, Xiuli Han3, Guangsheng Cao3, Wei Huo3, Dongjie Zhu4,*, Russell Higgs5

1 School of Information Engineering, Sanming University, Sanming, 365004, China
2 School of Foreign Languages, Jiujiang University, Jiujiang, 332005, China
3 Public Teaching Department, Qingdao Technical College, Qingdao, 266555, China
4 School of Computer Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai, 264209, China
5 School of Mathematical Sciences, University College Dublin, Dublin4, Ireland

* Corresponding Author: Dongjie Zhu. Email:

Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing 2022, 32(1), 429-439.


Although the application of agricultural product traceability technology is a key point to realize Modern Agricultural IoT, it has still encountered various food safety problems. For example, immature environmental monitoring technology of agricultural products, weak product traceability and imperfect product monitoring equipment. For this reason, this paper studies and compares several emerging technologies of the things Internet, then it analyzes the functional diversity and practicability of the Modern Agricultural IoT. It builds the experimental environment based on the agricultural product traceability technology, so as to realize the monitoring of crop growth environment and traceability. The result plays a positive role in popularizing the traceability technology of agricultural products and has a certain impact on the development of intelligent agriculture. It has designed and developed a set of crop growth monitoring terminal equipment through experimental debugging. Then it could obtain temperature and humidity, illumination, CO2 concentration, soil data, and other crop growth environment parameters in real time. The relevant data has provided strong support for the traceability model to realize the multi-point monitoring, intelligent control, and automatic operation of crop growing environment. Then it can be sorted and analyzed through the application layer. This system can promote the intelligent processing, improve the utilization efficiency of agricultural resources, promote the development of modern agriculture, save agricultural production costs, and increase the production and marketing. It is an innovative application of the Internet of things technology applied to agricultural production.


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L. Sun, H. Sun, N. Cao, X. Han, G. Cao et al., "Intelligent agriculture technology based on internet of things," Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing, vol. 32, no.1, pp. 429–439, 2022.

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