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The Analysis of Flexoelectric Effect in Quantum-Dot system

Miroslav Repka1,*, Jan Sladek1, Vladimir Sladek1

1 Institute of Construction and Architecture, Dubravska cesta 9, Bratislava 84503, Slovakia.

* Corresponding Author: Miroslav Repka. Email: email

The International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and Sciences 2021, 23(1), 10-10.


The flexoelectric effect is investigated in quantum dot (QD) nano-sized structures. The lattice mismatch between QD and matrix results in non-uniform strains and presence of the strain gradients in the structure. The strain gradients induces the change of the polarization in QD structure as a consequence of the flexoelectric effect. When the dimensions of the QDs are of the same order of magnitude as the material length scale, gradient elasticity theory should be used to account for the size dependent of such nano-sized QDs. In this work the flexoelectric theory is applied for 3D analysis of QDs with the functionally graded lattice mismatch between the QD and the matrix. Governing equations in the gradient theory contain higher order derivatives than in conventional approaches which requires C1 continuity of the shape functions and bring computational difficulties for 3D analysis. Therefore the higher order governing equations are decomposed in order to use C0 continuity shape functions. The FEM is implemented to study the response of nano-sized QDs system subjected to electro-mechanical loading. The influence of the size effect parameter and flexoelectric coefficient on the electromechanical behavior of the QD structure is analyzed.


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Repka, M., Sladek, J., Sladek, V. (2021). The Analysis of Flexoelectric Effect in Quantum-Dot system. The International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and Sciences, 23(1), 10–10.

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