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In Memoriam: Professor Kazuo Umezawa

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Professor Kazuo Umezawa, the esteemed Editor-in-Chief of Oncology Research. Prof. Umezawa departed from this world on January 12th in 2024, leaving behind a legacy that has profoundly impacted the fields of Biochemistry, Cancer Research, Apoptosis, Molecular Biology, and Endocrinology.


Prof. Umezawa dedicated his life to advancing scientific knowledge. He held the position of Professor at Aichi Medical University in Japan after he retired from Keio University as a professor, where he contributed significantly to the realms of academia and research. His educational journey included earning a Bachelor of Science from the University of Tokyo in 1969, a Doctor of Philosophy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1973, a Bachelor of Science from Oxford University, England, in 1976, and a Master of Arts from Oxford University, England, in 1979.


Prof. Umezawa's illustrious career was marked by numerous accomplishments. He has been recognized as a noteworthy biochemistry educator by Marquis Who's Who. His achievements include the groundbreaking discovery of novel compounds with biological activity sourced from microorganisms and plants.


As we reflect on the life and contributions of Professor Kazuo Umezawa, we honor his dedication to advancing the frontiers of science and his indelible mark on the academic and research communities. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, colleagues, and the entire scientific community during this difficult time.


In remembrance of Prof. Umezawa's impactful journey, we extend our deepest condolences and gratitude for his unwavering commitment to the pursuit of knowledge in the field of Oncology Research. May his legacy continue to inspire future generations of scientists.


Oncology Research Editorial Office

Tech Science Press

24 January 2024