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TSP’s Updated Guidelines on Artificial Intelligence and Authorship

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGPT or Large Language Models in research publications is expanding rapidly. TSP follows guidelines of COPE and WAME to state that AI tools cannot be listed as an author of a paper.


AI tools cannot meet the requirements for authorship as they cannot take responsibility for the submitted work. As non-legal entities, they cannot assert the presence or absence of conflicts of interest nor manage copyright and license agreements.


Authors who use AI tools in the writing of a manuscript, production of images or graphical elements of the paper, or in the collection and analysis of data, must be transparent in disclosing in the “Materials and Methods” and “Acknowledgements” section of the paper how the AI tool was used and which tool was used.


Authors are accountable for the accuracy and plagiarism-free content presented in their paper, which includes work performed by AI tools, and for providing proper attribution of all sources used, including those generated by AI tools. Authors are fully responsible for the originality, validity, and integrity of the content of their manuscript and must ensure that it complies with all of TSP’s Publication Ethics Policies

09 May 2023