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Study on the Present Situation and Optimization Path of Gamification Design in Chinese University Libraries

Yuchen Li1, Junyan Zhu1, Yaxian Feng1,*, Xingrui Yang2, Yu Zhou1

1 School of Management, Wuhan Institute of Technology, Wuhan, 430205, China
2 Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Godollo, H-2100, Hungary

* Corresponding Author: Yaxian Feng. Email:

Journal on Big Data 2022, 4(2), 125-133.


In this paper, 137 “First-class universities” and “First-class discipline” construction universities in China are selected as the objects of investigation to analyzes the present situation and characteristics of the game design of University Library in China. Taking the university library in other countries as the reference object, this paper compares the differences of the game design of University Library in China and other countries, sums up the deficiency of the gamification service practice in Chinese university libraries. At last, this paper proposes an optimization path of the gamification design of Chinese University Library from six aspects of game type, game service object, game interactive mode, game application, game development and game play-ability.


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Y. Li, J. Zhu, Y. Feng, X. Yang and Y. Zhou, "Study on the present situation and optimization path of gamification design in chinese university libraries," Journal on Big Data, vol. 4, no.2, pp. 125–133, 2022.

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