Table of Content
Editorial Board
  • Prof. Laurence T. Yang

    St. Francis Xavier University, CANADA

    Interests: parallel and distributed computing, embedded and ubiquitous/pervasive computing, and big data

Associate Editor-in-Chief
  • Prof. Jieren Cheng

    Hainan University, CHINA

    Interests: AI, network security, blockchain, and big data

Editorial Board
  • Prof.Mohammed Atiquzzaman

    University of Oklahoma, USA

    Interests: Internet of Things, vehicular communications, computer networks, internet protocols over satellite networks, wireless networks and optical communications, sensor networks, and UAV

  • Prof.Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo

    University of Texas at San Antonio, USA

    Interests: big data analytics, cyber security, offensive cyber, defensive cyber, digital forensics, including forensics-by-design

  • Prof. Xiaotie Deng

    Peking University, CHINA

    Interests: algorithmic game theory, with applications to Internet economics and finance including sponsored search auction, p2p network’s economics such as BitTorrent network, sharing economics, and blockchain

  • Dr. Changyu Dong

    Newcastle University, UK

    Interests: the broad heading of cyber security, e.g. applied cryptography, data privacy, AI security, and trust management.

  • Prof Robin Doss

    Deakin University, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: security and privacy for smart, emerging and critical infrastructures

  • Dr. Tao Li

    Jiangsu Yuchi Blockchain Research Institute, CHINA

  • Dr. Zhewei Liang

    InterVenn Biosciences, USA

  • Prof. Zhen Liu

    Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science, JAPAN

    Interests: computational intelligence, cyber security, big data, data mining, and welfare engineering

  • Prof.Dusit Niyato

    Nanyang Technological University, SINGAPORE

    Interests: sustainability, edge intelligence, decentralized machine learning, and incentive mechanism design

  • Prof. Srinivas Peeta

    Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

    Interests: modeling and analysis of the dynamics of large-scale transportation systems, modeling and methodologies to address interdependencies among infrastructure systems, real-time information-based navigation in vehicular traffic networks, modeling human behavior/learning associated with drivers/travelers, integrated supply-demand-performance models for strategic planning and real-time operations for various applications, understanding linkages between transportation, energy and environment, modeling policy options that impact transportation system evolution, systems and system-of-systems perspectives to address complex adaptive systems (ranging from engineered systems to human enterprise systems), connected and autonomous vehicles

  • Prof. Chunming Rong

    University of Stavanger, NORWAY

    Interests: blockchain, security and privacy, cloud computing, and data science

  • Prof.Kouichi Sakurai

    Kyushu University, JAPAN

    Interests: cryptography and information security, cyber security, AI-security, privacy and trust, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and quantum safety

  • Prof.Pierangela Samarati

    Università degli Studi di Milano, ITALY

    Interests: computer science and engineering, information technology and communication systems

  • Prof. Victor S. Sheng

    Texas Tech University, USA

    Interests: big data science, data mining and machine learning, deep learning, crowdsourcing, data privacy and security, applications in business, medical informatics, and software engineering, etc.

  • Prof. Gautam Srivastava

    Brandon University, CANADA

    Interests: blockchain technology, cryptography, big data, data mining, social networks, security and privacy, anonymity, and graphs

  • Prof. Guang Sun

    Hunan University of Finance and Economics, CHINA

    Interests: the umbrella of sensor networks security, information hiding (with a focus on software watermarking and software birthmarking), and big data analysis and visualization

  • Dr. Wei Sun

    Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: vehicle active safety detection and intelligent transportation system, vehicle video detection and road environment perception, identification of abnormal driving behavior, design and development of embedded system

  • Prof. Willy Susilo

    University of Wollongong, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: cryptography, computer security, information technology, cyber security, network security, networks and information systems, and computer science

  • Prof. Ruppa (Tulsi) Thulasiram

    University of Manitoba, CANADA

    Interests: cloud computing, parallel and distributed computing, high performance computing, parallel programming, and financial modelling

  • Prof.Vijay Varadharajan

    University of Newcastle, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: cloud computing security, IoT security, big data and distributed applications security, malware and security attacks, software security, trustworthy computing, software defined networks security, wireless and mobile networks security, cyber security and machine learning, security architectures, security policies and models, security protocols and applications of cryptography

  • Prof. Ruili Wang

    Massey University, USA

    Interests: image and video processig, speech and natural language processing, machine learning and deep learning, data mining and big data

  • Prof. Xiaoliang Wang

    Hunan University of Science and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: Internet of Things, big data, network security, and artificial intelligence

  • Dr Chixin Xiao

    University of Wollongong, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: smart grid and computational intelligence

  • Prof. Neal N. Xiong

    Northeastern State University, USA

    Interests: cloud computing, security and dependability, parallel and distributed computing, networks, and optimization theory

  • Dr. Yulan Yan

    Microsoft Corporation, USA

    Interests: business software, design tools, developer tools, entertainment products, hardware, home & educational software, tablets, search, advertising, servers, windows operating system, windows applications & platforms, smartphones, cloud computing, quantum computing, future of work, productivity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, laptops, mixed reality, virtual reality, gaming, developers, and IT professional

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