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A Novel Steganography Scheme Combining Coverless Information Hiding and Steganography

Ruohan Meng1,2, Zhili Zhou1,2, Qi Cui1,2, Xingming Sun1,2,*, Chengsheng Yuan1,2,3

School of Computer and Software, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Nanjing, 210044, China.
Jiangsu Engineering Centre of Network Monitoring, Nanjing, 210044, China.
Department of Electrical and computer Engineering, University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, Canada N9B 3P4.

*Corresponding Author: Xingming Sun. Email: .

Journal of Information Hiding and Privacy Protection 2019, 1(1), 43-48.


At present, the coverless information hiding has been developed. However, due to the limited mapping relationship between secret information and feature selection, it is challenging to further enhance the hiding capacity of coverless information hiding. At the same time, the steganography algorithm based on object detection only hides secret information in foreground objects, which contribute to the steganography capacity is reduced. Since object recognition contains multiple objects and location, secret information can be mapped to object categories, the relationship of location and so on. Therefore, this paper proposes a new steganography algorithm based on object detection and relationship mapping, which integrates coverless information hiding and steganography. In this method, the coverless information hiding is realized by mapping the object type, color and secret information in object detection method. At the same time, the object detection method is used to find the safe area to hide secret messages. The proposed algorithm can not only improve the steganographic capacity of the two information hiding methods but also make the coverless information hiding more secure and robust.


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R. Meng, Z. Zhou, Q. Cui, X. Sun and C. Yuan, "A novel steganography scheme combining coverless information hiding and steganography," Journal of Information Hiding and Privacy Protection, vol. 1, no.1, pp. 43–48, 2019.


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