Vol.10, No.6, 2022, pp.1641-1658, doi:10.32604/jrm.2022.018277
Effect of Alternation of Aging and Seawater Erosion on Properties of Rubber Material Used in Lead Rubber Bearing
  • Yanmin Li1,2, Guifeng Zhao2,3, Yuhong Ma1,2,*, Rong Liu1,2
1 Earthquake Engineering Research & Test Center, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, 510405, China
2 Guangdong Key Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering & Applied Technique, Guangzhou, 510405, China
3 School of Civil Engineering, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, 510006, China
* Corresponding Author: Yuhong Ma. Email:
Received 12 July 2021; Accepted 15 October 2021; Issue published 20 January 2022
An artificially accelerated alternation of aging and seawater erosion test of rubber materials used in lead rubber bearing (LRB) was performed, mainly to study the time-varying laws of rubber materials mechanical properties. Time-varying laws of the Mooney–Rivlin and Neo-Hookean constitutive parameters of rubber materials under the alternation of aging and seawater erosion were also analyzed. Results indicate that the rubber material mechanical properties were significantly affected by alternation of aging and seawater erosion. Hardness and elongation stress increased exponentially with test time. And 120 days after the test, the hardness increased by 14%, the maximum percentage increase in stress of 124.76% occurred at 100% constant elongation and the minimum percentage increase in stress of 68.32% occurred at 300% constant elongation; Tensile strength and elongation at break decreased by 44.96% and 53.09%. Besides, constitutive parameters of Mooney–Rivlin and Neo-Hookean all changed greatly with test duration. Finally, time-varying laws of constitutive parameters were verified by comparing the simulated and experimental results of the lead rubber bearing’s stiffness. Research results are of great significance to the seismic performance research and life-cycle performance analysis of offshore traffic engineering such as cross-sea bridges and bridges in the marine environment.
Alternation of aging and seawater erosion; lead rubber bearing; rubber material properties; constitutive parameters; time-varying law
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Li, Y., Zhao, G., Ma, Y., Liu, R. (2022). Effect of Alternation of Aging and Seawater Erosion on Properties of Rubber Material Used in Lead Rubber Bearing. Journal of Renewable Materials, 10(6), 1641–1658.
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