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IASC 2022 Best Reviewer Award


Reviewers’ commitment and expertise is the cornerstone of high-quality academic publishing. The Best Reviewer Award acknowledges the volunteer work of reviewers who have contributed the most to the review process by providing several high-quality and timely reviews of papers submitted for consideration to the journal.


In 2022, over 400 scholars served as reviewers for Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing. We want to express our gratitude and appreciation for one of the most valuable resources of a journal: our highly skilled reviewers that help to bring papers to their final publication. We are very grateful for the continuous support of so many respected scholars from all around the world.


Selections are based on the quality, number and timeliness of the reviews completed. We list winners who finished excellent review reports in the calendar year 2022 below in alphabetical order, and would like to thank them for their excellent services to the journal:


• Raaid Alubady, University of Babylon, Iraq


• Youseef Alotaibi, Qufu Normal University, China


• Mohd Anul Haq, The University of Newcastle, Australia


• Weiwei Jiang, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China


• Noor Zaman Jhanjhi, Taylor’s University, Malaysia


• Sultan Daud Khan, Shenyang University of Technology, China


• D. Prabakaran, SNS College of Technology, India


• Kamran Shaukat, The University of Newcastle, Australia


• Xingsi Xue, Fujian University of Technology, China


• Dilovan Asaad Zebari, Taylor’s University, Malaysia



The winners will receive a Certificate for the award;


The winners will be granted with an APC waiver for one article accepted by the journal that is submitted within 6 months after receiving the award.


We would also like to appreciate the other excellent reviewers who were not included in the list. For more information about how to become a reviewer of IASC, please see: https://ijs.tspsubmission.com/regist

05 July 2023