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Benefits for Reviewers

To better recognize and appreciate the reviewing work done by reviewers. Reviewers who provide review comments on any publication in any TSP journals timely, will be evaluated and received a Special Voucher. The voucher is a gratitude to the essential effort of reviewers in the publication process.

Conditions of eligibility of voucher:

  • Reviewer has to complete and submit a review to a submitted paper in a journal timely.

  • Voucher is decided thorough peer-review reports, entitling reviewers to a discount on the APC of the reviewer’s next publication in TSP’s journals.

  • Multiple vouchers for any designated reviewer can be combined in use.

  • Voucher can only be used in APC discount in TSP’s journals. Voucher is not cashable and transferable.

  • When using voucher, the designated reviewer must be in the author list (does not have to be the first author or corresponding author).

  • Vouchers can no longer be applied once an APC invoice has been issued.


  • Please note that a Voucher is valid in two years after the issue date.

  • Please note reviewer vouchers must be applied before acceptance. Vouchers can no longer be applied once an APC invoice has been issued.

When complete reviewing for TSP journals you:

  • Receive a discount voucher code entitling you to a reduction in the article processing charge (APC) of a future submission to any TSP journal.

  • Are considered for the journal’s outstanding reviewer award (If applicable).

11 February 2020