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Expression and Clinical Significance of miR-152 and CYFRA21-1 in Ovarian Cancer Tissues

Guiping Chen*, Tiantian Xie, Haibo Chen, Lijuan Chen

Department of Gynecology, Longyan People’s Hospital, Longyan, 364000, China

* Corresponding Author: Guiping Chen. Email: email

Oncologie 2020, 22(2), 83-93.


To investigate the expression and clinical significance of miR-152 and CYFRA21-1 in ovarian cancer (OC) tissues. Seventy-four OC patients diagnosed in our hospital from March 2016 to April 2019 (research group, RG) and 30 patients with benign ovarian tumor at the same time (control group, CG) were collected as research objects in this experiment. qRT-PCR and ELISA were used to detect and observe the expression levels of miR-152 in patient tissues and CYFRA21-1 in serum. ROC curves were drawn to analyze the diagnostic value of miR-152 and CYFRA21-1 in OC. The clinicopathological correlation analysis was observed, Pearson was used to examine the correlation between the expression levels of miR- 152 and CYFRA21-1 and carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), and the 3-year survival rate of patients was observed according to the high and low expression of miR-152 and CYFRA21-1. qRT-PCR and ELISA showed that the miR-152 expression in the RG was dramatically lower than that in the CG, while CYFRA21-1 (μg/L) was remarkably higher than that in the CG (p < 0.05). ROC was drawn based on the miR- 152 and CYFRA21-1 expression levels. The area under miR-152 curve was 0.724 (p < 0.05), and the area under CYFRA21-1 curve was 0.714 (p < 0.05). The expression levels of miR-152 and CYFRA21-1 were relevant to lymph metastasis, differentiation degree and pathological stage of OC patients (p < 0.05). Pearson test analysis identified that miR-152 and CYFRA21-1 were positively correlated with CEA (p < 0.001). The 3-year overall survival rate of miR-152 Low Expression Group (LEG) was 61.54%, that of high expression group (HEG) was 84.85%, that of CYFRA21-1 LEG was 83.75%, and that of HEG was 60.54%. miR-152 shows low expression in the tissues of patients and CYFRA21-1 shows high expression in serum, and both indexes have good diagnostic efficacy. The higher the miR-152 expression is, the higher the survival rate is, while the higher the CYFRA21-1 expression is, the lower the survival rate is.


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Chen, G., Xie, T., Chen, H., Chen, L. (2020). Expression and Clinical Significance of miR-152 and CYFRA21-1 in Ovarian Cancer Tissues. Oncologie, 22(2), 83–93.

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