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    ShCTR1 Interacts with ShRBOH1 to Positively Regulate Aerenchyma Formation in Saussurea inversa through ROS Mediation

    Wubin Dai1, Xiuting Ju1,2, Guomin Shi1,2, Jialei Guo3,4, Tao He3,4,*

    Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany, Vol.93, No.5, pp. 1023-1042, 2024, DOI:10.32604/phyton.2024.050066

    Abstract Saussurea inversa is one of the Tibetan medicine with developed aerenchyma. In this study, we investigated the function of the ShCTR1 gene related to the formation of aerenchyma. The study of the occurrence and formation of aerenchyma in S. inversa has certain theoretical significance in revealing the special mechanism of alpine plants adapting to the environment. The results of yeast two-hybrid experiments showed that S. inversa ShCTR1 interacted with the ShRBOH1, which is a key producer of reactive oxygen species (ROS), and it was hypothesized that ShCTR1 regulation of aerenchyma formation in S. inversa mainly mediated by ROS. Aerenchyma induction and… More >

  • Open Access


    Three New Hydroxytetradecenals from Amomum tsao-ko with Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B and Glycogen Phosphorylase Inhibitory Activity

    Xiaolu Qin1,3, Xinyu Li1,3, Yi Yang2, Mei Huang2, Shengli Wu1, Pianchou Gongpan1, Lianzhang Wu2, Juncai He2, Changan Geng1,3,*

    Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany, Vol.93, No.5, pp. 875-883, 2024, DOI:10.32604/phyton.2024.048192

    Abstract The fruits of Amomum tsao-ko (Cao-Guo) were documented in Chinese Pharmacopoeia for the treatment of abdominal pain, vomiting, and plague. In our previous study, a series of diarylheptanes and flavonoids with α-glucosidase and protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B (PTP1B) inhibitory activity have been reported from the middle-polarity part of A. tsao-ko, whereas the antidiabetic potency of the low-polarity constituents is still unclear. In this study, three new hydroxytetradecenals, (2E, 4E, 8Z, 11Z)-6R-hydroxytetradeca-2,4,8,11-tetraenal (1), (2E, 4E, 8Z)-6R-hydroxytetradeca-2,4,8-trienal (2) and (2E, 4E)-6R-hydroxytetradeca-2,4-dienal (3) were obtained from the volatile oils of A. tsao-ko. The structures of compounds 1–3 were determined using spectroscopic data involving 1D and 2D nuclear magnetic More >

  • Open Access


    Sensitivity Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering from Dielectric Targets with Polynomial Chaos Expansion and Method of Moments

    Yujing Ma1,4, Zhongwang Wang2, Jieyuan Zhang3, Ruijin Huo1,4, Xiaohui Yuan1,4,*

    CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, Vol.140, No.2, pp. 2079-2102, 2024, DOI:10.32604/cmes.2024.048488

    Abstract In this paper, an adaptive polynomial chaos expansion method (PCE) based on the method of moments (MoM) is proposed to construct surrogate models for electromagnetic scattering and further sensitivity analysis. The MoM is applied to accurately solve the electric field integral equation (EFIE) of electromagnetic scattering from homogeneous dielectric targets. Within the bistatic radar cross section (RCS) as the research object, the adaptive PCE algorithm is devoted to selecting the appropriate order to construct the multivariate surrogate model. The corresponding sensitivity results are given by the further derivative operation, which is compared with those of More >

  • Open Access


    Numerical Treatments for Crossover Cancer Model of Hybrid Variable-Order Fractional Derivatives

    Nasser Sweilam1, Seham Al-Mekhlafi2,*, Aya Ahmed3, Ahoud Alsheri4, Emad Abo-Eldahab3

    CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, Vol.140, No.2, pp. 1619-1645, 2024, DOI:10.32604/cmes.2024.047896

    Abstract In this paper, two crossover hybrid variable-order derivatives of the cancer model are developed. Grünwald-Letnikov approximation is used to approximate the hybrid fractional and variable-order fractional operators. The existence, uniqueness, and stability of the proposed model are discussed. Adams Bashfourth’s fifth-step method with a hybrid variable-order fractional operator is developed to study the proposed models. Comparative studies with generalized fifth-order Runge-Kutta method are given. Numerical examples and comparative studies to verify the applicability of the used methods and to demonstrate the simplicity of these approximations are presented. We have showcased the efficiency of the proposed More >

  • Open Access


    Correction: Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis Using Interval Neutrosophic Segmentation with Deep Learning Model

    V. Thanikachalam1,*, M. G. Kavitha2, V. Sivamurugan1

    Computer Systems Science and Engineering, Vol.48, No.3, pp. 857-858, 2024, DOI:10.32604/csse.2024.052484

    Abstract This article has no abstract. More >

  • Open Access


    Comprehensive Analysis of Gender Classification Accuracy across Varied Geographic Regions through the Application of Deep Learning Algorithms to Speech Signals

    Abhishek Singhal*, Devendra Kumar Sharma

    Computer Systems Science and Engineering, Vol.48, No.3, pp. 609-625, 2024, DOI:10.32604/csse.2023.046730

    Abstract This article presents an exhaustive comparative investigation into the accuracy of gender identification across diverse geographical regions, employing a deep learning classification algorithm for speech signal analysis. In this study, speech samples are categorized for both training and testing purposes based on their geographical origin. Category 1 comprises speech samples from speakers outside of India, whereas Category 2 comprises live-recorded speech samples from Indian speakers. Testing speech samples are likewise classified into four distinct sets, taking into consideration both geographical origin and the language spoken by the speakers. Significantly, the results indicate a noticeable difference… More >

  • Open Access


    Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Performance of Turbulent Heat Transfer in Tubes with Different Cross-Sectioned Wire Coils

    Ali Shokor Golam*

    Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.22, No.2, pp. 633-653, 2024, DOI:10.32604/fhmt.2024.050218

    Abstract The thermal-hydraulic performance of plain tubes with and without wire coils in turbulent regimes is investigated experimentally and numerically. The effects of wire coil distribution (circular cross section) within the tube were explored experimentally, and water was employed as the working fluid. The numerical simulation was carried out using software programmer ANSYS Fluent 2019 R3 using the finite-volume approach. In the turbulent regime, six cross-sectioned wire coils were analyzed, including: circular, rectangular, hexagonal, square, star shape, and triangle. The utilization of a tube with a wire coil has been shown to increase heat transfer rate More >

  • Open Access


    Coupling Effect of Cryogenic Freeze-Thaw Cycles and Chloride Ion Erosion Effect in Pre-Cracked Reinforced Concrete

    Yang Li, Sibo Jiang*, Ruixin Lan

    Structural Durability & Health Monitoring, Vol.18, No.3, pp. 255-276, 2024, DOI:10.32604/sdhm.2024.047776

    Abstract Chloride (Cl) ion erosion effects can seriously impact the safety and service life of marine liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tanks and other polar offshore structures. This study investigates the impact of different low-temperature cycles (20°C, –80°C, and −160°C) and concrete specimen crack widths (0, 0.3, and 0.6 mm) on the Cl ion diffusion performance through rapid erosion tests conducted on pre-cracked concrete. The results show that the minimum temperature and crack width of freeze-thaw cycles enhance the erosive effect of chloride ions. The Cl ion concentration and growth rate increased with the increasing crack More > Graphic Abstract

    Coupling Effect of Cryogenic Freeze-Thaw Cycles and Chloride Ion Erosion Effect in Pre-Cracked Reinforced Concrete

  • Open Access


    Cross-Modal Consistency with Aesthetic Similarity for Multimodal False Information Detection

    Weijian Fan1,*, Ziwei Shi2

    CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua, Vol.79, No.2, pp. 2723-2741, 2024, DOI:10.32604/cmc.2024.050344

    Abstract With the explosive growth of false information on social media platforms, the automatic detection of multimodal false information has received increasing attention. Recent research has significantly contributed to multimodal information exchange and fusion, with many methods attempting to integrate unimodal features to generate multimodal news representations. However, they still need to fully explore the hierarchical and complex semantic correlations between different modal contents, severely limiting their performance detecting multimodal false information. This work proposes a two-stage detection framework for multimodal false information detection, called ASMFD, which is based on image aesthetic similarity to segment and… More >

  • Open Access


    Appropriate Combination of Crossover Operator and Mutation Operator in Genetic Algorithms for the Travelling Salesman Problem

    Zakir Hussain Ahmed1,*, Habibollah Haron2, Abdullah Al-Tameem3

    CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua, Vol.79, No.2, pp. 2399-2425, 2024, DOI:10.32604/cmc.2024.049704

    Abstract Genetic algorithms (GAs) are very good metaheuristic algorithms that are suitable for solving NP-hard combinatorial optimization problems. A simple GA begins with a set of solutions represented by a population of chromosomes and then uses the idea of survival of the fittest in the selection process to select some fitter chromosomes. It uses a crossover operator to create better offspring chromosomes and thus, converges the population. Also, it uses a mutation operator to explore the unexplored areas by the crossover operator, and thus, diversifies the GA search space. A combination of crossover and mutation operators… More >

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