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    Longitudinal Health-Related Quality of Life Assessment in Children with Congenital Heart Disease

    Angeles Fuertes-Moure1, Michael Meyer2,3, Anna-Luisa Häcker2,3, Barbara Reiner2,3, Leon Brudy3, Sonia Pértega-Diaz4, Renate Oberhoffer2,3, Peter Ewert2, Jan Müller2,3,*

    Congenital Heart Disease, Vol.15, No.4, pp. 217-227, 2020, DOI:10.32604/CHD.2020.011771

    Abstract Objective: Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) has become an important outcome measure for patients with congenital heart disease (CHD). The aim of this study was to evaluate the natural course of HRQoL from longitudinal assessment in children with CHD. Patients and Methods: From July 2014 to February 2020 this longitudinal study recruited 317 children with CHD (113 girls, 35.6%) aged 6 to 18 years (11.6 ± 2.9 years). HRQoL was assessed with the generic, self-reported and age-adapted KINDL® questionnaire. During a mean follow-up period of 2.2 ± 1.3 years, 195 patients had one HRQoL reassessment, 70 two,… More >

  • Open Access


    Prevalence and Risk Factors Associated with Renal Dysfunction in Patients with Single Ventricle Congenital Heart Disease after Fontan Palliation

    Sheetal R. Patel1,2,*, David M. Kwiatkowski3, Adin-Cristian Andrei2, Ankita Devareddy2, Hangzhi Shi2, Catherine D. Krawczeski4, Natalie Ebert5, Barbara J. Deal1,2, Craig B. Langman2,6, Bradley S. Marino1,2

    Congenital Heart Disease, Vol.15, No.4, pp. 181-195, 2020, DOI:10.32604/CHD.2020.012097

    Abstract Objectives: The Fontan operation has increased survival in patients with single-ventricle congenital heart defects. However, Fontan survivors are at risk of other organ dysfunctions, such as renal dysfunction (RD). The objectives of this study are to assess the prevalence of and potential risk factors for RD among Fontan survivors. Design, setting, and patients: We performed a two-center, cross-sectional study that included Fontan survivors evaluated in outpatient-clinics for routine follow up between 01/08-12/16. Outcome measures: The primary outcome was the presence of RD defined by estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) of <90 ml/min/1.73 m2 derived using the serum… More >

  • Open Access


    Diagnostic Errors in Fetal Echocardiography and the Effect on Neonatal Management: Ten-Year Experience from a Middle-Income Country

    Mohd Nizam Mat Bah*, Mohd Hanafi Sapian, Hasliza Razak, Emieliyuza Yusnita Alias

    Congenital Heart Disease, Vol.15, No.4, pp. 203-216, 2020, DOI:10.32604/CHD.2020.013057

    Abstract Introduction: Fetal echocardiogram allows early detection of critical congenital heart disease leading to a better outcome. However, data from lowerand middle-income countries is scarce. This study aims to evaluate the diagnostic error of fetal echocardiography and its impact on planned neonatal management. Methods and material: This retrospective observational cohort study includes all high-risk pregnant mothers who had fetal echocardiograms from 2008 to 2017. Fetal and postnatal echocardiograms were compared, while the diagnostic errors were categorized into false positive, false negative, and discrepant diagnoses. The impact of the diagnostic error on planned neonatal management and the long-term outcome… More >

  • Open Access


    Immunomodulatory miRNAs as Potential Biomarkers for the Postoperative Course Following Surgery for the Repair of Congenital Heart Defects in Children

    Or Bercovich1, Tal Tirosh-Wagner2, Lior Goldberg1, Amir Vardi3, David Mishali4, Gideon Paret1,#, Yael Nevo-Caspi1,*,#

    Congenital Heart Disease, Vol.15, No.4, pp. 239-249, 2020, DOI:10.32604/CHD.2020.011576

    Abstract Objective: To test the hypothesis that circulating miRNAs-146a, -146b, -155, and -21 reflect the inflammatory state of children following heart surgery, and that they may, therefore, correlate with postoperative parameters. We aimed to quantify miRNAs in blood samples from pediatric patients before and 6, 12, and 24 hours after surgery and to evaluate correlations between the miRNA levels and the postoperative course. Setting: PICU. Patients: Forty-two pediatric patients with CHD who underwent cardiac surgery at Safra Children’s Hospital between 2012–2016. Interventions: none. Outcome Measures: The primary outcomes were the postoperative cardiac complications and the secondary outcomes were the More >

  • Open Access


    Alterations in Metabolites Associated with Hypoxemia in Neonates and Infants with Congenital Heart Disease

    Evan Pagano1, Benjamin Frank1, James Jaggers2, Mark Twite3, Tracy T. Urban4, Jelena Klawitter2,#, Jesse Davidson1,#,*

    Congenital Heart Disease, Vol.15, No.4, pp. 251-265, 2020, DOI:10.32604/CHD.2020.012219

    Abstract Objectives: (1) To measure the global shift in the metabolome in hypoxemic versus non-hypoxemic infants with congenital heart disease; (2) To identify metabolites and metabolic pathways that are altered in hypoxemia. Study Design: Analysis of serum samples obtained prior to cardiopulmonary bypass from 82 infants ≤120 days old with congenital heart disease requiring surgery at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Infants were divided into groups based on preoperative oxygen saturations: non-hypoxemic (>92%), mild hypoxemia (85–92%), and severe hypoxemia (<85%). Tandem mass spectrometry was used to analyze 165 targeted metabolites. Partial least squares discriminant analysis and t-tests were used to… More >

  • Open Access


    Percutaneous Occlusion of Right Partial Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection with Dual Drainage to the Innominate Vein and the Left Atrium: A Unique Anatomical Finding

    Alejandro R. Peirone1,*, Alejandro E. Contreras2, Carolina Carrizo2, Mailén Konicoff2, Raúl O. Cayre3

    Congenital Heart Disease, Vol.15, No.4, pp. 267-274, 2020, DOI:10.32604/CHD.2020.013199

    Abstract A 43-year-old woman with a past medical history of aortic coarctation surgically repaired at the age of 3 years using an end-to-end anastomosis, presented with 2 years complain of increasing dyspnea and fatigue with exercise associated to frequent palpitations. During extensive work-up, she was found to have a partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection (PAPVC) with “dual drainage” represented by a communication between the right pulmonary veins draining into the left atrium and the innominate vein via an anomalous vein due to a persistence of early connections between the sinus of the right pulmonary veins and More >

  • Open Access


    A Single Institution’s Experience with Later Extracardiac Fontan Procedure Off Bypass

    Carter Biewen1,*, Hitendra Patel2, Olaf Reinhartz3, Ginny Gildengorin4, Natalie Cvijanovich5

    Congenital Heart Disease, Vol.15, No.4, pp. 229-238, 2020, DOI:10.32604/CHD.2020.011671

    Abstract Purpose: To summarize Fontan procedure data from our institution, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, in order to better understand outcomes of our surgical and post-operative care. Basic Procedures: This is a retrospective cross-sectional chart review summarizing characteristics and outcomes of patients who underwent the Fontan procedure at our institution between 2005 and 2016. Main Findings: Sixty-five Fontan procedures were performed at our institution between 2005 and 2016, all of which were extracardiac Fontan procedures performed by the same surgical team. At the time of Fontan procedure, the mean patient age was 56.4 ± 18.7 months and mean weight… More >

  • Open Access


    Solar Thermal Heating and Freeze Concentration for Non-Centrifugal Sugar Production: Design and Performance Analysis

    Louis Francois Marie1,*, Sunkara Prudhvi Raj2, Policherla Venkata Sai3, Tara MacLeod1, Morapakala Srinivas2, K. Srinivas Reddy3, Tadhg Seán O’Donovan4

    Energy Engineering, Vol.117, No.5, pp. 323-342, 2020, DOI:10.32604/EE.2020.011035

    Abstract Non-centrifugal cane sugar (NCS), known as Jaggery, is a form of unre- fined sugar which contains molasses. The integration of renewable energy resources in the production of NCS, have been analysed. The work investigates the energy requirements of a system incorporating a freeze-concentrator and a solar thermal heater to reduce the reliance on the combustion of bagasse or other fuels in a Jaggery production process. Depending on the extent to which freeze concentration can be incorporated into the process, results show that the minimum theoretical energy required to produce Jaggery can be reduced by 91.30%… More >

  • Open Access


    Study on the Online Reforming of Low Concentration Alcohol as Vehicle Fuel

    Shusheng Xiong1, Defeng Xuan2, Yonggen Zhang2, Zhankuan Wu1, Wei Li1,*, Zhaohan Hu1, Jing Xu1

    Energy Engineering, Vol.117, No.5, pp. 315-322, 2020, DOI:10.32604/EE.2020.011975

    Abstract This research studied catalytic reforming mechanism of low concentration alcohol, analyzed the producing conditions and influencing factors of a mixture of combustible gas, took an analysis towards the composition of the mixture produced by reforming, and studied the respective effects of temperature, traffic, alcohol concentration and catalyst on the components of mixed gas. It is found that, under different working conditions of the engine, the external condition of the reforming reaction changes, and the composition of the reforming gas will differ as well. As a result, the optimum air-fuel ratio of the engine must at More >

  • Open Access


    Design of a Multichannel Dynamic Temperature Measurement System for Developing Thermal Management System of New Energy Vehicles

    Wei Li1, Shusheng Xiong2,*, Xiaojun Zhou1, Wei Shi3

    Energy Engineering, Vol.117, No.5, pp. 301-314, 2020, DOI:10.32604/EE.2020.011506

    Abstract A multichannel temperature measurement system based on LabVIEW and modular instruments with general purpose input/output interface is described. External simple electronic components, such as analog switches arrays, sampling resistors and voltage reference are used to expand the analog input channel of the instrument. The interface circuit for 3-wire resistance temperature device powered by the voltage reference was designed and constructed. The feasibility of filtering algorithm based on moving average filter and the data conversion method by direct computation of the polynomial are verified in LabVIEW. A comparison test with the commercial temperature measurement instrument is… More >

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