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Analysis of the Properties and Anti-Seepage Mechanism of PBFC Slurry in Landfill

Guozhong Dai1,*, Jia Zhu2, Guicai Shi3, Yanmin Sheng4, Shujin Li5

1,2,3,4,5 School of Civil Engineering & Architecture, Changzhou Institute of Technology, 666 Liaohe Road, Changzhou, 213032, P. R. China.
* Corresponding Author: Guozhong Dai. Email:

Structural Durability & Health Monitoring 2017, 11(2), 169-190.


As the landfill leachate has strong pollution on the underground water, surface water and soil. This paper develops the formula of impervious slurry with low permeability, good durability, strong adsorption and retardant based on the bentonite which is modified by polyvinyl alcohol. Through the simulation experiment, the optimum formula of polyvinyl alcohol is 0.2%. Its osmotic coefficient for 28 days is 0.53×10-8~1.86×10-8 cm/s and compressive strength is 0.5~1.5 MPa as well. This paper study on the retardant rule of the consolidation of slurry against the pollution in the leachate by self-made percolation instrument. The experiment shows that the retardant rate of the consolidation against inorganic pollutants and organic pollutants is over 85% and the retardant rate against heavy metal ion such as Hg and Pb is above 99%. The slurry has the characteristics of low permeability, high retardant against pollution, good durability and plasticity, no chemical additives, no pollution, wide source of raw materials and good economy which determine it can be used to new landfill or existing landfill, building foundation pit and water conservancy project.


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Dai, G., Zhu, J., Shi, G., Sheng, Y., Li, S. (2017). Analysis of the Properties and Anti-Seepage Mechanism of PBFC Slurry in Landfill. Structural Durability & Health Monitoring, 11(2), 169–190.

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