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Experimental Investigations on Web Crippling Failure Modesof Aluminum Hollow and Composite Tubes

Xixiang Chen1, Yu Chen2, *, Kang He2, Fernando Palacios Galarza3

1 College of Technology & Engineering, Yangtze University, Jingzhou,434020, China.
2 College of Civil Engineering, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou,350116, China.
3 Schoolof Urban Construction, Yangtze University, Jingzhou,434023, China.
*Corresponding Author: Yu Chen. Email:

Structural Durability & Health Monitoring 2018, 12(4), 299-322. doi:10.32604/sdhm.2018.04625


In order to studythe web-crippling behavior of aluminum hollow section subjected toconcentrated load, sixteen aluminum hollow tubes withdifferent loading conditions, bearing lengthandweb slenderness ratioswere tested. This paperalso discusseda method to improve the web crippling strength of the aluminum hollow sections byinfilling the mortar as composite section, and four aluminum composite sections were tested. The literature has reported lots of web crippling tests, butthere isfew reportson web crippling behavior of aluminum composite sections. Interior-Ground(IG) and End-Ground(EG)loading conditions were adopted, with the specimens placed on the ground to simulate the load of floor joists. Specimens were also placed on a bearing plate with end (ETF) or interior (ITF) bearing load.The influenceof supporting conditions,loading positions, bearing length and web slenderness ratioson web crippling ultimate bearingcapacityand ductility of aluminum hollow sections wasstudied. The enhancements of infilling mortar were also evaluated. The results obtained from the experiments show thatinfilling the mortar inaluminum hollow tubesis aneffective methodfor enhancingthe ultimate capacityof theweb, especially for specimens under Interior-Ground(IG) condition.Based on the results of parameterresearch, this paper proposes a series of design formulas for well predictingweb crippling ultimate capacity of aluminum hollow and composite tubes under four different loading and boundary conditions.


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Chen, X., Chen, Y., He, K., Galarza, F. P. (2018). Experimental Investigations on Web Crippling Failure Modesof Aluminum Hollow and Composite Tubes. Structural Durability & Health Monitoring, 12(4), 299–322.

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