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Dynamic Risk-Warning of Center Diaphragm and Bench Composite Method During Construction

Xiaozhong Li*, Caiyun Sun

School of Civil Engineering, Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Lanzhou, 730070, China

* Corresponding Author: Xiaozhong Li. Email:

Structural Durability & Health Monitoring 2022, 16(3), 235-254.


During the construction of subway tunnels, safety issues should not be ignored, so it is necessary to prevent and resolve the risk in time and accurately. However, there are some shortcomings in the research of risk assessment, such as the subjectivity of initial data or the lack of scientific evaluation model, in order to solve the problem, this paper relies on the Changping section of the Guanhui Intercity Metro, in order to establish a dynamic risk-warning model for the construction process of subway tunnel with the CD-Bench composite method. First, a monitoring plan was equationted according to the specification requirements and the actual situation of the project, and based on this, an evaluation index system was established from five aspects: geological and support conditions, crown settlement, clearance convergence, and ground settlement and building settlement. Secondly, according to the established risk evaluation standards, the risk level of the index is determined by introducing extension theory and determining the combined weight of the index based on the distance function. Finally, feedback the corresponding risk-warning signals and take control measures. Through the application analysis shows that the model can alarm the risks during the tunnel construction process directly and timely, so the model is feasible and practical, and it is worthy of popularization and application in similar projects.


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Li, X., Sun, C. (2022). Dynamic Risk-Warning of Center Diaphragm and Bench Composite Method During Construction. Structural Durability & Health Monitoring, 16(3), 235–254.

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