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Research on Breeze Vibration Law and Modal Identification Method of Conductor Considering Anti-Vibration Hammer Damage

Long Zhao, Xudong Lu, Xinbo Huang*, Hao Yang, Guoze Feng

School of Information and Electronics, Xi’an Polytechnic University, Xi’an, 710048, China

* Corresponding Author: Xinbo Huang. Email: email

Structural Durability & Health Monitoring 2023, 17(4), 283-297.


In the harsh environment, the structural health of the anti-vibration hammer, which suffers from the coupled effects of corrosion and fatigue damage, is significantly reduced. As part of the conductor structure, the anti-vibration hammer is rigidly attached to the conductor, effectively suppressing conductor vibration. The conductor’s breeze vibration law and natural modal frequency are altered damage to the anti-vibration hammer structure. Through built a vibration experiment platform to simulate multiple faults such as anti-vibration hammer head drop off and position slippage, which to obtained the vibration acceleration signal of the conductor. The acceleration vibration signal is processed and analyzed in the time and frequency domains. The results are used to derive the breeze vibration law of the conductor under multiple faults and propose an anti-vibration hammer damage online monitoring technology. The results show that the vibration acceleration value and vibration intensity of the conductor are significantly increased after the anti-vibration hammer damage. The natural frequency increases for each order, with an absolute change ranging from 0.15 to 6.49 Hz. The anti-vibration hammer slipped due to a loose connection, the 1st natural frequency increases from 8.18 to 16.62 Hz. Therefore, in engineering applications, there can be no contact to determine the anti-vibration hammer damage situation by monitoring the modal natural frequency of the conductor. This is even a tiny damage that cannot be seen. This method will prevent the further expansion of the damage that can cause accidents.


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Zhao, L., Lu, X., Huang, X., Yang, H., Feng, G. (2023). Research on Breeze Vibration Law and Modal Identification Method of Conductor Considering Anti-Vibration Hammer Damage. Structural Durability & Health Monitoring, 17(4), 283–297.

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