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Studies on Methodological Developments in Structural Damage Identification

V. Srinivas1, Saptarshi Sasmal1, K. Ramanjaneyulu2

Scientist, Structural Engineering Research Centre (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research),CSIR Campus, TTTI(Post), Taramani, Chennai-600 113,;
Deputy Director, Structural Engineering Research Centre (Council of Scientific & Industrial Re-search), CSIR Campus, TTTI(Post), Taramani, Chennai-600 113, Email:

Structural Durability & Health Monitoring 2009, 5(2), 133-160.


Many advances have taken place in the area of structural damage detection and localization using several approaches. Availability of cost-effective computing memory and speed, improvement in sensor technology including remotely monitored sensors, advancements in the finite element method, adaptation of modal testing and development of non-linear system identification methods bring out immense technical advancements that have contributed to the advancement of modal-based damage detection methods. Advances in modal-based damage detection methods over the last 20-30 years have produced new techniques for examining vibration data for identification of structural damage. In this paper, studies carried out on damage identification methods using model- and nonmodel- based approaches have been presented describing their effectiveness in identification, localisation and quantification of damage. Usefulness of different parameters such as change in frequency, mode shape, modal curvature and strain energy for detection of damage has been studied. Further, advanced nonmodel based techniques have also been studied for damage identification. But, most of these techniques are found to have limitation thereby restricting their usage. Moreover, majority of the approaches need a prior knowledge on the vibration characteristics of undamaged structure which is quite difficult to get in most of the cases. It has been noted that majority of the methodologies show good results in laboratory or analytical investigations and special care is needed in choosing the methodology for damage detection of real structures in field condition.


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Srinivas, V., Sasmal, S., Ramanjaneyulu, K. (2009). Studies on Methodological Developments in Structural Damage Identification. Structural Durability & Health Monitoring, 5(2), 133–160.

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