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Finite Element Analysis of Three-dimensional Periodic Notched Plates

R. Afshar1, F. Berto1,2

University of Padova, Department of management and engineering, Stradella San Nicola 3, 36100, Vicenza, Italy.
corresponding author email:, phone number: +39 0444 998754.

Structural Durability & Health Monitoring 2013, 9(4), 349-364.


Using the finite element method, three-dimensional models of a number of periodic blunt and sharp notches subjected to tension loading are carried out. The aim of this research is to investigate the thickness effect on the location of maximum stress and notch stress intensity factor (NSIF) of corresponding blunt and sharp periodic notches respectively. With this aim, a wide range of notch geometries are examined. While for two-dimensional plates weakened by periodic notches some results are available in the literature, this paper first faces with the problem of three-dimensional cases. The total of about 100 geometrical configurations are investigated.
It is found that, the effect of plate thickness of periodic notched components can be characterized by its relative value with respect to the depth of the notch (H/t). For the blunt periodic notches with relatively higher values of H/t ratio, the value of the maximum tensile stress is located near the free surface. On the contrary for lower values of H/t, it is placed at the middle plane. The same behaviour is observed for sharp periodic notches in terms of notch stress intensity factors.


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Afshar, R., Berto, F. (2013). Finite Element Analysis of Three-dimensional Periodic Notched Plates. Structural Durability & Health Monitoring, 9(4), 349–364.


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