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Size-Dependent Elastic Properties of Micro- and Nano-Open-Celled Foams

H. X. Zhu1

1 Email: Tel: 0044 29 20874824. School of Engineering, Cardiff University, Cardiff CF24 3AA, UK.

Structural Longevity 2011, 5(1), 17-24.


Simple analytical results for the size-dependent elastic properties of micro- and nano-sized regular open-celled foams are presented in this paper. The results indicate that at micrometer scale, strain gradient has a dominant effect and at nanometer scale, surface elasticity dominates the effect on the honeycomb elastic properties. In addition, very small micro- or nano- open-celled foams could have a negative Poisson ratio, the elastic properties of nano-sized open-cell foams can be controlled to vary over a range up to around 66% by the application of an electric potential.


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Zhu, H. X. (2011). Size-Dependent Elastic Properties of Micro- and Nano-Open-Celled Foams. Structural Longevity, 5(1), 17–24.

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