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The Dynamic Response Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dam under the Earthquake

Yang Lu1, Li Shi-Min1, Cao Peng2, Shen Xin-Pu1

1 ShenYang University of Technology, Shenyang, 110870, Liaoning, China.
2 School of Transportation Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China.

Structural Longevity 2013, 9(1), 23-36.


Based on the finite element software ABAQUS, the dynamic time history of the concrete gravity dam has been analyzed. Considering the gravity dam’s action of dynamic water pressure effect under the earthquake, we made a layer of user unit and given the unit quality through the door subroutine UEL relying on additional quality law, and the unit has been attached to the dam. By the statistics and analysis about displacement, stress, damage and energy of the feature points of the dam, we can conclude that: the dam stress and displacement of the most unfavorable moment most concentrated in a fairly recent time area, corresponding the larger seismic acceleration; damage first occurred in dam heel F point, then in dam neck near downstream variable cross section D point also started to happen damage; with the continuing earthquake, damage gradually becomes transverse development , and then extended to the internal; the dam mainly depend on material damping to consume energy, inelastic dissipation and damage dissipation can only consume a small part of energy; the most unfavorable position of stress, displacement, damage and energy of the dam appeared in the dam heel F point, toe G point and downstream folding slope D point. By the research of the action of nonlinear dynamic response and failure mechanism under seismic load of the dam, some reaction laws of the gravity dam in general power load have been revealed, it has provided reference for seismic design and seismic measures for the study of the dam.


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Lu, Y., Shi-Min, L., Peng, C., Xin-Pu, S. (2013). The Dynamic Response Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dam under the Earthquake. Structural Longevity, 9(1), 23–36.

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