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Tactile Response Characterization of a Dynamic System Using Craig-Bampton Method

S. Pradeepkumar*, P. Nagaraj

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi, Tamilnadu, 626005, India

* Corresponding Author: S. Pradeepkumar. Email:

Sound & Vibration 2022, 56(3), 221-233.


Vibrational characteristics in small horizontal axis wind turbine system are presented in this study with a system concept called tactile response and substructuring. The main focus is on managing the dynamic properties like vibration, noise, and harshness that occur during the operational mode. Tactile response is defined as the response of subsystem which is induced when a human body touches a vibrating system. Sub structuring is a computational method used to reduce the dynamic behavior of a large complex system with a smaller number of degrees of freedom without disturbing the mesh size of the model. Sub structuring has the ability to combine numerical results along with the experimental results. Combination of substructuring and tactile response is applied in this study. Mode shapes of the system are analyzed and results obtained are correlated within this study to provide better optimization of the results. Wind turbine excited with wind energy depends on wind speed. Torsional vibration has a significant role in determining dynamic properties. Torsional vibration is caused as a result of the rotation of the turbine blade and depends on wind speed. The study gives importance to investigating the ability to simulate the numerical method and tactile response to predict and improve dynamic properties.


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Pradeepkumar, S., Nagaraj, P. (2022). Tactile Response Characterization of a Dynamic System Using Craig-Bampton Method. Sound & Vibration, 56(3), 221–233.

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